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Going To Press

We are in the final stages on the production of our second CD "Mozart Exsertus". Here are several tracks for you listening pleasure. Enjoy

"Parlor Songs"

Our latest CD "Parlor Songs a collection of popular songs from the 19th century", has been completed and is now available for download on both itunes and Amazon. Included are 15 tracks of songs from the American Civil War era 1840-1870. On our current project we have shifted our forte to the 18th century, in particular, the work of Mozart. We hope to complete it for you in time for Christmas. Thanks for listening.

Dateline: May 13th 1864

Dateline: May 13th 1864 "Sunday a soldier of Company A died and was buried. Everything went on as if nothing had happened, for death is so common that little sentiment is wasted. It is not like a death at home." - Elisha Hunt Rhodes, 2nd Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry