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Black Vendetta / Blog

This Futile Generation

Imagine a nation where blood soaks the shores The gap e'er widens 'tween rich and the poor Where five percent rule 'n' indulge in the best And the likes of us shall account for the rest.

Imagine a country that lives to deceive Where lives are worth little and labour is free Duplicitous language that's carefully chose Removing the voices from all who oppose.

A power that fires on contempt and disgust Where victims are villains, observ'd with distrust 'N' tho' it's the Tories who wielded the sword 'Tis blam'd on the jobless and those from abroad.

Your pals in the city, O' havoc they wreaked But friends are still friends, so you punish the weak Pretend that your watch would yield different results Intelligence. Pray must you always insult?

When families came; fresh tears on their breath No food on the table 'n' freezing to death Replied, with all the emotion you could; "Enjoy the soup kitchen, I hear the bread is quite good!"

I see that your party 'n' those of your ilk Have poison'd the water 'n' sour'd the milk Rhetoric spoken with coldest of eyes With words of mistruth behinds numbers of lies.

That cynical tone that it's your fault and mine Doth masquerade brutal 'n' twist'd designs Conceal your intentions, but hard as you try True colours doth bleed through the whitest of dyes.


The gloried goals of wealth and fame That garner'd pennies to my name Yet petals, rustle in the breeze 'N' gulls a'flutter 'bove the seas.

The posters plaster'd 'pon my wall May well amount to buggar all Yet wind a'whistle through the grass 'N' nature's colours shine en masse.

Those naive dreams of infancy A'slide unto obscurity Yet songbirds sound their fragile lungs 'N' fathers, arm in arm with sons.

The bubble, once that was my world Now burst, 'n' from it I was hurl'd 'N' landed, gazing to the sky Where starlit wonder caught my eye.

It matters not, my fiscal worth 'N' nor my status on this earth For that earth holds so much to give Those grandest days to seize and live.

So what, If that young child, hell bent on fame Would sob to see what I became? Perspectives change with alter'd goals,

Beautiful. This liberation of the soul.

Yelling Into The Wind

Distractions. No longer draw your gaze. However much your mind was once amazed.

Evolution. Reality before your eyes. 'N' sense that it be such that you despise.

Isolation. Perceived consequences for your sins. A lonely figure. Forever yelling into the wind.

Drifting. Across the barren plains of night. And on beyond the furthest shard of light.

Confirmation. The deathly silence of distress. A pawn within this fruitless game of chess.

Unseen. Your cries will reach another. Who'll embrace you like a sister or a brother.

Unknown. They travel on beyond the dark. 'N' land, squarely upon their needed mark.

Unforeseen. The inner power to self-forgive. In that, the magical life that you could live.

Believe. Your screams that seem to come to nil. That seem unheard. Yet someone out there always will.

Believe. That in your hour of woe. Help is there. As sure as breeze doth blow.

Bangkok Love Affair

Our tale begins one Summer's eve Our Romeo, out on well-earned leave The drink was flowing, gin 'n' wine And then, A female figure caught his eye.

Suddenly, he dropped his guard Admired this beauty from afar He'd never felt such lust before Her chiselled jaw of perfect form.

Performing songs upon the stage T'was how she earned her living wage He fell enchanted like a flash Her singing voice like Johnny Cash.

'N' when the music ceased to play Not one would stand within his way The sexiest woman 'pon this Earth Her camel toe of surprising girth.

Approaching her upon the dancefloor They spoke of football, cars and more He saw she was his perfect type The feminine way she smoked her pipe.

They spoke and danced for hours at length 'N' shar'd much beer of super strength Her desire for him could not relent For often, She followed him into the gents.

He held her hand, could scarce resist Her hands, so soft and large like his To seal the love in which they'd fell They made their way to his hotel.

T'was there, this whirlwind was to end This cruellest blow that fate would send These star-cross'd lovers, now no more As he ran screaming through the door.

Who knows, How such romance ran out of steam? 'Tis often such for love's young dream Thereafter, all that we can find Our jilting Romeo, Remain'd unseen for quite some time.

Not all love is meant to be As in this story can be seen The stars align, as only Cupid could Then drift apart, For reasons, can't be understood.

Perfect In Every Way

She susses cards I try to play A fearless entrant to the fray 'N' then, she gave my greatest days A sunshine swirl with all her rays Perfect, in every way.

I fail to see the flaw, within For where would such a search begin? Though heartbreak lies within her gaze Her love, in wonderous, selfless ways Perfect, in every single way.

Despite my sins, she takes my side In spite of darkness laid inside Her eyes could melt the coldest soul 'N' keep it so 'til it grew old Perfection. Tears 'n' heart of gold.

Her locks, a darken'd waterfall Like masterpieces drawn on walls Whomever claimed we're all the same Should hang their sorry head in shame Perfect, both in mind and frame.

'N' when my mind shall stall 'n' sink Her words refrain me from the brink Rewinds my mind to all I've known The sunsets with their haunting glow She's perfect. Numbs my every woe.

This angel, once, indeed was mine A magic moment caught in time 'Til life swerved off to prior theme Became, once more a one-man team Perfect; Satan's putrid scheme.

Yet glee, remain'd upon my face That time shall not be thrown to waste So what if all would crash 'n' burn? I've loved, and was so in return Perfect. One can hurt, but learn.

As bacon is to tastebud's end My lover, muse and greatest friend I wish you Heaven's finest days For though our time has long decayed Still, You're perfect, in every way.

Face At The Window

A face at the window, a word not of speech Their eyes reveal'd what I already knew A glimmer of glee, a hope now renewed And yet, somehow remain'd out of reach. A face at the window, confusion arose For months had gone by without any word To see them, appear'd no less than absurd This chapter in life, once more now unclos'd. A face at the window, what could this mean? The darkness, veiled all besides from their face Then punched in the gut. That sourest taste The realisation that this was a dream. A face at the window, a tear in my eye The wrathful vengeance engripp'd my soul But they caught my sight, a look that told; "Fear not, my friend, for all will be fine." A face at the window, a flash in the sky A feeling that all was far from alright The feeling of dread, our ultimate flight They turn'd, and silently bade me goodbye. A face at the window, a trick of the light My dearest amigo, my sweetest of kin The vision relented, dream's haze grew thin They vanished forever, into the night.


Pink, The blossom, fell'd from trees of spring. White, The clouds above through which the sunshine rings. Blue, The clearest skies from which the songbirds sing. And Red, The rosey cheeks of chicks beneath their wings. Grey, The overcasting clouds that came 'n' went. Gold, The rays of hope that nature now present. Hazel, Her eyes upon which my gaze cannot relent. And Red, Her dress, at which I gaze with wonderment. Green, The grass that rustles in the breeze. Brown, The branches of the nearest shady tree. Yellow, The daffodils that feed the lifeblood to the bees. And Red, The rose of romance I present to thee.

Fear Not

Fear not to run, but not too fast Learn from, but not regret the past It's fine to fear, but not to hide Life's better fail'd than ne'er tried. Embrace the sun, but never stare Search not for faults that are not there Explore the past, yet ne'er get trapped To vent displeasure, not to snap. Trust unto others, yet pray beware For life is joy when friends are there Don't fear the dark. Don't shun the light. Do not what's easy. Do what's right. Be brave and strong, yet not a dunce Ne'er cross that line to arrogance There's time to cry, then time to laugh Fear not to tread uncharted paths. Pursue your dreams, embrace affection Yet cease when turn'd to dark obsession Fear not, the ultimate abyss Enjoy your time and all its bliss.

Love, Hope & Glory

The trap of sin when goodness falls With poems wrote on toilet walls Through darkened mind and wretch'ed state I come, For love and hope and glory waits. To think of time and time alone The heart lay dead and overthrown Through love and loss and hearts entwined My love, They'll smike your soul and rob you blind. A taste of fear with every breath Consumed are you to beg for death Or drink that deathly pain away Hold on, I fear thy grief be here to stay. The mind awash in seas of grey The hope they cast unto the flames The devil, play'd his twisted games Hold sway, Though all your soul, besmerched in shame. The guiding light doth drift and die The heroes fell as time went by Your face still haunts me through my days I roam, Through wretch'ed, rancid, rank decay. Consider mind and mind alone And all the seeds that mind hath sewn For as I cross that curse'd gate I come, For love, nor hope, nor glory waits.

Seize The Dawn

The quest you've led to lose your way A penny's loan, then hell to pay A castaway, thrown overboard Unto a tide of blood-soak'd swords. To walk alone, a desert's hike The cobra coils, awaits to strike A million miles and ten times more Removed of safety from the shore. Presume you're stupid, give you stick Think you're foolish. Think you're thick. Consider not. Consider this; Be 'owt achieved through reminisce? For did you ever pause to think And through the tears, e'er pause to blink? Emerge from underneath the ground Awake unto the world around? Alive unto the welcome sounds And note that beauty hath no bounds So pray thee glow within the sun Grab the ball and bloody run! T'will strike when timing be correct Perhaps when one doth least suspect? Brave the darkness. Seize the dawn Then grab the chance to be reborn.