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New and Old Happenings

Hey everyone, Brandon from Stonethorne here with some news reguarding new and old happnenings with the band! I'll start with the 'old' first. As some of you may (or may not) know, we have an EP out now, titled "Dark Skies and Alibis" which is only available from the band for $5. This will change, once we add it to iTunes and other places (such as here on ReverbNation) for sale. It has 3 very solid tracks and is a must have for any fan of new local hard rock/ alternative rock music. Also as well as having an EP, we also have our own website and are a trio (for our older fans just re-joining us). Now for the 'new' news. We have been brain-storming like hell to figure out new ways to attract fans without letting down the ones we currently have. We will be adding stickers to our merch list, as well as a new shirt idea and future 'online store' soon. Also, we have been working diligently on a new EP, which we hope to begin the recording process for by late December. That should leave a release time of apox. mid spring. We hope to include enough tracks to make it a full-length, however we are unsure at the moment. Nonetheless, we hope to see more people at our future shows, and we hope to be able to spread our music to as many people as we can, because after all, this IS what we feel we were put on the earth to do, make music!