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Getting 2011 Ready

Been a while since we posted here, our FaceBook page seems to get most of the attention. We're firming up our 2011 Calendar and hope to be in your neck of the woods!

What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Okay, so I went into the studio tonight to lay down a couple of tracks to finish things up getting ready for the mixing to happen next week. I pulled in, unloaded all my stuff and went into the studio. I left my iPod and my wallet in the middle console of the truck with the window down as I was back and forth and had never, ever seen any sketchy characters walking around Colchester ave. I mean, Egan Media Productions is right across from the VPR studios, I've recorded there for years and never worried about my truck being broken into.

On this particular night I was getting ready to record and realized I had left something in my truck that I needed so I ran outside and quickly noticed that my iPod was gone. Thinking I had just unplugged it and threw it in my backpack I went inside to check. Nothing. Anywhere. Starting to freak out I went back to my truck to check and sure enough, my wallet was gone to. I had recorded only a vocal track that night, that was it and realized quickly that my head would not be into recording any more as I quickly called my credit card company to cancel my card. I also called my wife and asked her to cancel the other card and the three bank cards that I had. A part of me was laughing at the dirt bags who stole my wallet as there was no money in it but at the same time hoping that they dumped it somewhere as there was a picture in there of my sister which she had written on the back of... that I can never replace.

So the night was a bust, Caleb suggested we go to the Vermont Pub and Brewery to drown our sorrows. This actually turned out really nicely. When I got there I explained to the waitress that my wallet had been stolen and wouldn't be able to provide ID. She said I would probably have to sign something which I agreed to. I went ahead and ordered a Handsome Mick as I saw that Mick was inside (the owner and a friend of mine). She said "You know Mick? He can vouch for you?" to which I said "Yeah".

So Mick came out, I told him the story and, feeling sorry for me he bought both Caleb and I dinner and pints. We really do live in the best place on Earth. When we finished Caleb drove me back to my truck and I proceeded to drive home, swearing profusely and looking at everyone suspiciously. Granted, I had just canceled 5 credit cards and basically said goodbye to a lot of personal stuff in my wallet.

When I got home my wife came down to greet me. She said "how are you?" and I said "pissed". She said "why?" which confused me a bit... she was just on the phone canceling my credit cards. Why else would I be pissed. She then said "come here, I've got something to show you". She took me by the hand, she was in her bathrobe, and took me outside to my truck where she reached in and produced from my glove compartment my iPod and my wallet. The best way that I have to describe what happened came from an e-mail that I received from Joe Egan, the engineer and owner of Egan Media Productions. It reads:

The Path to Hell is paved with good intentions.

"So I f@#$*&d up.

"As I was leaving the studio I noticed your window was down and your wallet and ipod were in plain view. I was late for my meeting, so I figured I'd call from the car to tell you what I'd done. I got out of the Fort, heading toward Colchester and realized I had left my phone at the studio. I figured I'd borrow someone's phone at the meeting and call the studio to tell you what was up. I tried four times, but if the ringer is turned down low in the studio, you can't hear it over the volume of the speakers. Which it apparently was. Usually when that happens, I call Robs cell phone. But I don't know his number. It's on my speed dial, and as I mentioned, I didn't have my phone. "No big deal", I thought. "I'll be back before they (meaning you and Rob) finish the session". Then I let it go, and the meeting went until 10:30. I got back to the studio, saw a message from Rob, and shit my pants.

I am so sorry.

No Charge for tonight's session.