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Whiskey Rodeo / Blog

Trial and Tribulations

Good afternoon friends,

This weeks message comes from Andrae. He called me on Monday to tell me this story I was shocked as soon as I heard it. When you read this make sure you do what you can to support working musicians. "I received an email from a potential landlord to schedule a viewing of a property that I was interested in. I made sure there was no interference from my end: No TV, music or bacon frying. Nothing. I’ve experienced some crazy stuff in my 38 years, but this is a first. Here’s how the conversation after introductions went.

Her: How many people will be living here?

Me: It’d be primarily myself, except when my son is out of school.

Her: So, I’m confused; how many people?

Me: Ummm…2.

Her: What do you do for a living?

Me: I’m a musician.

Her: With what company?

Me: The company's name is Whiskey Rodeo, LLC.

Her: I don’t think you’re a fit for this area.

Me: Huh? Ma’am I can promise you, you won’t have to worry about noise or anything.

Her: Your kind just isn’t a fit here.

Me: Ma’am, can you tell me why?

Her: I travel a lot, this is a family neighborhood and your kind doesn’t take care of things. Are you married?

Me: No ma’am, I am single, but your prop—

Her: Find somewhere else! *click*

At least it’s not because skin color; but a musician?


Ignorance and discrimination are not cool. I’ve experienced discrimination for many reasons, but never because I was a musician. I am happy that I won’t be doing any business with her; ever. I hope someday her heart is touched to accept people for who they are with no preconceived ideas of who someone is. I’d suggest to you all to go and hug a musician.

Tell us you love us. We don’t just like whiskey: We love hugs and equal treatment."



Hug a musician folks we love what we do, or else we wouldn't go through these things.

Cheers, Whiskey Rodeo

It's here!

Good Morning friends,

At long last Old School Cool is available for your listening pleasure.

It's been a long road to this point. Whiskey Rodeo is so excited to be bringing you new music.

Go to www.whiskeyrodeo.com and buy it today.

Thank you so much for all of you support.

This week a last minute show booked a Hooligans in Live Oak Texas. $5 at the door for a full night of music.

We'll see you on Friday.


Whiskey Rodeo

Calling all Car

Good morning friends,

You may have received our email calling you to help promote our new single.

Old School Cool. Available on June 2nd

Check you email and save the photo.

Post as your profile picture on your favorite social media outlet.

Than you for your continued support.

Whiskey Rodeo loves you.

Wings and Weights

Good morning friends,

I send this message with heavy heart. A very dear friend of Whiskey Rodeo passed away last week.

Normally I would not write about this, but this time I believe it's appropriate.

This friend and her husband have been with Whiskey Rodeo since the very beginning. When Chase and I (Greg) had only just met. We would have a shot or six on the patio of Uptown Billiards with me singing the songs I'd written to anyone who would listen. This lovely woman and her husband listened. Their favorite song was 'Gypsy Woman'.

SInce those Sunday afternoons these wonderful humans have traveled great distances to see us play when few others would. They put us up in their hotel room while we were on the road. They were present when Chase coined the phrase, 'hot water is magic' (we hadn't showered in days). I've grown close to their family --even their grandchildren. When I was a bartender we would sit and solve the world's problems. I've taken care of them as many times as they have taken care of me. We've shared both good and bad decisions.

The highlight though is the wonderful memory of their wedding. Because Chase used to perform at wedding's professionally, and because Greg was the singer in many cover bands; weddings were not something Whiskey Rodeo would ever agree to do. All except theirs. Their wedding was special to us. Whiskey Rodeo sang Gypsy Woman for our dear friends at the only wedding we have ever played. It is an extraordinary memory.

Wings and weights. I've been sad these last few days since hearing the news. Rightfully so, mourning is hard. It's okay to be sad. That's the right thing to do. Today though I begin moving past the harder parts of healing. To the memories of our friend that make me smile. When they danced at our shows, how close they seemed. Today my weight will becomes wings, so that my memories can last happily as long as I do.

This message is dedicated to Tobby and Dawn.

Greg Francescon Whiskey Rodeo

Self Help

Good morning friends, Self help is a broad topic and I just realized how much I've been engaging in it. There are some blogs that I read and a couple podcasts I subscribe to that have been active of late. I'm not trying to make changes in my life or anything like that. I view them as entertainment. Yesterday I realized how many of these things I was already doing. The first being time usage. I work 7 days a week. Yes really. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are easily the busiest. With the Whiskey Rodeo gig schedule and my administrative role those are 10 to 12 hour days. Because of this schedule I break up my day a great deal. As most of you know I'm an avid fisherman. I always make time for the little beasties. I accomplish my tasks in bursts. Moving hard at a task for no more that a couple of hours then either moving on or taking an extended break 30 to 45 minutes. It's effective for me because I don't get overwhelmed or bored. Second I love what I do. I'm doing exactly what I should be doing in this time and place. I work very had, I'm ambitious and driven. As well, I am fascinated by my craft. There is so much to learn. It's the amount of learning that keeps me interested. Lastly, but most importantly. Taking time to space out. Call it meditation, prayer, or just day dreaming, that's up to you. What I can tell you it does,is reset your brain. Yup it's just like the reset button on your phone, your computer, your gaming system. Our brains are working so hard for us everyday it needs time to do nothing. Especially with the work days that we all are putting in. Extended time with out the opportunity to unplug. 10 minutes or less will do wonders. It's been a delight sharing my self realization and ramblings. If you'd like to check out what I've been reading here's a link http://fourhourworkweek.com/blog/ www.whiskeyrodeo.com has a full list of all of Whiskey Rodeo's upcoming shows. Cheers Greg Francescon Whiskey Rodeo

Last night with Easton Corbin!

What a night! We had more fun opening for Easton Corbin at the Pepsi Amphitheater last night than humans should be allowed! Now it's time to finish getting ready for the ROAD! please tell your friends & fam to help support our tour: http://kck.st/p2Ja6K