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BlueBird Cafe

I had a great time playing the Bluebird Cafe this past Sunday night April 6th. The crowd was so attentive and gracious as always. On Three went over so well, and brought so many people to tears. Then, Taylor Swift's Ex had them laughing out loud to end my set. Can't wait to go back. I've been booked for Sunday evening August 17th.

Trying to get on here and use this Reverbnation blog more. We'll see how long that lasts.....

:) BG

Gig tonight, studio tomorrow

It's been a little while since my last blog entry. Music and life have been busy, which is great. I am playing a solo acoustic gig tonight in downtown Nashville. 7-9pm at the Nash Puckett's @ 500 Church Street (Corner of Church and 5th). Really looking forward to my second leg of the two-date Puckett's gig. Tuesday night in Franklin was great!

Tomorrow I'm going back into the studio to continue recording two new songs. I had a studio session last week and earlier this week, and the tunes are coming out nicely. They couldn't be more different. One is the long-awaited wedding song I have. The other is a cool motivational sports song. Working with some mad talent here in the Music City. Both tracks are going to be killer.

Can't wait... for all of it! :) BG

Songwriter Semifinals

I am pleased that I have made it to the semifinals of the Puckett's Rising Star Songwriter Contest in Franklin, TN. Out of more than 100 participants, I am one of 14 chosen to play two original songs each live at Puckett's this Tuesday night March 5th for a chance to move into the finals. If I am one of the 4 finalists, I will go back the next Tuesday March 12th to compete for the Grand Prize. This is a great event Puckett's puts for songwriters and musicians in the Music City. Can't wait to play again next week -- and I am of course hoping to make it to the next round! :) BG

New Song/Video!!! - "TAYLOR SWIFT'S EX"

Well, the hard work of the past month or so is done. I am pleased to share with the world the new song I wrote with my good buddy David Hammer... "Taylor Swift's Ex."

We wrote and recorded this in the second half of January, and then I needed the first half of February to do the music video for the song. We're very pleased with the finished products of both the song and the video. Please check it out!

TSX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ixABzlfHGo

This is the kind of song that has a chance to take the world by storm and go viral. If you enjoy what you see and hear, please share it with your friends! And let me know what you think, either on here or on the YouTube video page, or my Facebook page, my website, etc.

Oh yeah... the song is available on iTunes @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/id600712518 -- go get it if you dig it!

ENJOY!!!!! :) Bill

New song about to be released...

Here it is, Tuesday Feb 6th, another early morning. I can't sleep much lately. I have this new song I've been recording stuck in my head! It wakes me up in the middle of the night. And then by 4 or 5 am, I simply can't go back to sleep.

This new mystery song is going to be unveiled within the week. And I am certain it is going to make a splash. Working on a basic video for it now to post to YouTube. Hopefully I can get everything done by Sunday.

Can't wait!! :) BG

New Music Video, more to come...

I'm going to try to keep active on this Blog of mine -- for whomever cares. I'm pleased to have finished and uploaded a new music video for one of my favorite songs from my latest CD. The song is called "I'm Somebody." Check out the video here and on YouTube. Let me know what you think.


Meanwhile, I am working on another video for my song "It's Too Late," which I'm excited about. And we are currently recording and getting ready to unveil a new single down here in Nashville, written with my good friend Dave Hammer. I'll keep everyone posted on that for sure... :) Bill G

Fun song coming...

It's been a cold week or so in Nashville, but I've been keeping warm with a great new song project. My good friend and oft co-writer Dave Hammer and myself have recently finished a new song that is truly one of a kind. This one's fun, and I think it's going to get noticed. We are in studio as I write, pulling all the tracks together to launch this new tune on YouTube and iTunes. It's probably a good week out, maybe 10 days. Working with some talented cats in Nash and just finished the rhythm section yesterday. Electric guitar today and keys tomorrow. Final vocals tomorrow as well. In the week or so between completion and internet launch, we'll be putting together a fun, low-budget video to go along with the song. Campy. Uniquely excited about this one... Keeps your eyes peeled. :) BG

Songwriting in Nashville

Well, it's been 6 months since we moved to Nashville from the Garden State. So far it has been a great ride. We've gotten settled and I've been finding my way around town, around Music Row, meeting some great folks, etc. The end of '12 had me finish my first Nashville song demo with the talented David Dorn. I have booked several songwriter rounds for early '13, have joined NSAI, met with BMI, am scheduling songwriting sessions, and getting ready to record 3 more song projects here in Nashville.

I'm still going to be gigging around town, and preparing to record my 3rd CD at some point soon. But for this year my biggest priority is songwriting. Writing more, getting better, collaborating with more writers, and pitching some of these songs I've crafted (and plan on writing this year) to publishers, labels and artists. It's a marathon, not a sprint. I look forward to all of it.

Thanks for everyone who supports my music. Keep listening and finding and requesting it out there. I'll keep posting new songs and vids to YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/billgriese

Happy New Year, :) Bill

New to ReverbNation

Bill Griese here. Singer-songwriter in the Nashville area. I am loading up a bunch of songs, vids, photos, etc to ReverbNation... and trying it on for size. Many have compared my music (thankfully) to James Taylor. If you like classic folk-rock icons like Taylor, Jackson Browne and Paul Simon -- along with fresh newer artists such as Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Donavon Frankenreiter, Ryan Adams, and the like -- I think you might like my stuff.

I've got a couple of original CDs out in the way of "For This Day" and "Too Long Coming," as well as a few singles such as "On Three." I am also the guy who wrote and performed the NY Giants song "Go Big Blue" (grew up in NJ a life-long Giants fan). My music is all over iTunes and YouTube -- so it isn't hard to find. :)

I am constantly writing and performing, and am looking forward to beginning work on my 3rd full-length project soon. In the meantime I am writing and demoing songs to pitch to others here in Nashville as well as in LA and NY.

So welcome to my first ReverbNation blog. Please check out my music. And if you like it, please become a fan.

-Bill Griese http://www.billgriese.com http://www.facebook.com/billgriese