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Things are changing. The past 4 years and 3 CDs have put TGS in a bright spot of musical manageability, options, and future potential to do so much more. We are still crafting. We are writing and thinking more creatively than ever before. In 4 years something tremendous has been started. Through it, we’ve grown as musicians and people. We’ve gotten tons of love, tons of feedback. There has been our fair share of mistakes and we have many times felt the adrenaline rush of holding a big crowd in a moment of sheer energy and stage presence.

Recently, we’ve begun taking steps toward improving the SOCIO sound and presence. As a band we are working on that oh so finicky ‘next level’. Through points of clarity following our SXSW tour to Austin, TX we have decided to keep doing everything we are doing, but we're finding ways to do it even better. So on that note, ideas are being put into action and tough decisions are getting made. Several surprises lay ahead in 2014. Have high expectations for The Great SOCIO. We’re preparing to up our game.

SOCIO-Sunrise at Pensacola Beach, FL 3-10-14

So it was the morning after Berto's birthday and we were in Raleigh, NC. It was the day after playing an amazing show with our friends, Lovebettie at The Black Flower. We stayed in town with some great people that night. The club was walking distance from where we stayed and we were able to leave all our gear set up in the venue. --A true blessing after any show, because you get to pack up the next day. No heavy lifting after a night of Rocking!

The Sunday after the show, we drove out midday to go check out Athens, GA. We had no plan other than recommendation to go to the city and meet people. So we did. As it turned out, we caught a comedy show; open mic stand-up at some random pub that had awesome local beer. We talked to strangers as we always do and got referred to as Motorhead when our well-dressed entourage entered comedy hour. I'm not making that up.

I remember shrimp quesadilla or something. I don't know. They had a menu. I ate. The beer was delicious. The comedy was totally entertaining. Especially for a Sunday open mic. We had fun. The SOCIO boys crammed into a bench that may have been a little too small for the 4 of us. We toasted to new places. This was our first stop beyond our usual tour-reach. I feel all jittery just writing about it.

Afterward, we got back on the road. It was late night and we scheduled one of the 4 of us as a driver to hang tight at the club. Safety is paramount to success when you're out there. I'm serious. You have to be careful. That's how we do when our wonderful tour van and driving is involved. Know who's gonna drive. Be cool about it.

I had an idea come to me as the street lights whirled by, Monday about 1 a.m. If. We drive all night. If. We add a negligible 2.5 hours to the journey; we would capture a special moment. I checked the map. I looked at the clock and then back to the map. "Hey guys! Let's go to Florida!" I may have woken someone up with this exclamation. "You see if we just dip down into the Panhandle... see here... The Panhandle! Sunrise! We get there at 4:30/ 5 am. This time of year..." I point to things and wave my phone around. "Let's take the acoustic out to the beach. Let's catch the sunrise!"

We had been heading to Austin, TX for five SXSW-related showcases. We were to meet up with Lovebettie in New Orleans at some point, but our travel plans were loose. We did some planning and decided to detour to Pensacola Beach, FL. We would still make "Nawlins" in good time. We would get there to party with Lovebettie. We didn't need sleep. We didn't need to find a public entrance to the beach. We were on tour. -Craig

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu7pz4nPzcQ

February 2013 Great Things Ahead

Its the Winter of 2013 and that is an exciting time for The Great SOCIO. We're currently building the launching pad into a stellar year of growth for the band.

Our new EP "Modern Grip" is nearly completed and is due out for release in April. Not only have we been working hard in the studio, but we're deep in the writing season. New material is popping up and looks to be ready for a Fall 2013 release.

The biggest challenge we face in February is the launch of our "Kickstarter" campaign as well as the completion of our debut music video. But we've always been proud of our supportive friends and fans, and ever grateful for how far the've helped us come.

To help hype up the April studio release, we will be attending and showcasing at the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA. That will be on February 15th. (http://www.musicconference.net)

We're also proud to announce that we are RAWartists. http://www.rawartists.org/philadelphia

On February 28th we will be performing at RAWs event: "Discovery" with over 50 artists spanning from visual art, craft making, fashion designers, and musicians. 7 Runway shows, 5 bands, and tons of amazing people who want to collaborate and succeed. 21+ Tickets are $15 on our page or $20 at the door. Just click the link below to purchase. http://www.rawartists.org/thegreatsocio

So far so good. January has been productive and we're only just getting started! Be sure to keep up with us and help spread the word. Give us a "like" and a follow, and be sure to check out our Kickstarter info here: http://www.facebook.com/events/387038434707575/?fref=ts

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