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So I've been thinking about the music and movies of the 1980's. I know that i am biased because i grew up in the 80's, but everything just seemed so much more innovative and creative. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like that was the last truly creative decade. Nowadays with all of this syncopated, studio-driven music, and movie REMAKES, the focus is on new technology, and not on the creative genius. . . I get goosebumps when i think about movies like The Lost Boys, and its soundtrack, and The NeverEnding Story, and the Gremlins. .. I have lots more to ramble on and on about this topic, but i may tear up because i miss being a kid .. . Michael Jackson, Prince, GunsNRoses, Madonna. ..shit, even the super-pop music was ALL different. . . Celebrities were still mysterious, and you couldn't follow them on twitter or read their blogs. . .they were on another level of existence. .

I miss those days. .. . I want to hop in my Delorean and throw it back to 1985. .