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As you know my songs are mostly sound collages so here is a credit list to some of the unique sounds in the songs.

- Dawn Of Spring is all done by me.

- Route 202 is all done by me. The sounds used I recorded in December 2009 in Vegas.

- Grayhound City is a poem I wrote and MCDL wrote the guitar for it. I recorded the sirens and trains and mixed it all together. This song like all the rest is best listened to on headphones.

- Mia contains vocal recordings of a young girl named Mia.

- Turn On Rewind contains a beeping sound made by either Andrew Gustafson, MCDL or myself. It was recorded during a jam with the 3 of us and we all made that noise at some point. Also MCDL made the beat for that song.

- Wedding Bells contains the wedding vows for MCDL and myself. I can't remember the pastor's name.

- Fucking Satan is an improv song featuring MCDL, Jeff Madej and myself.

- Ecstasy is a Duffle Band song, a band I was in briefly. I play bass on that track and Dustin Viney is on guitar.

Everything else is done by me.

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Night Sky Lyrics

Night Sky

As I gaze up to the sky As I look into the past There is so much to see It is so vast I don't know what is out there And it doesn't know me Try and see who I was And who I will be The future is uncertain The Past I don't understand The sky is just a curtain A fogged mirror for man

~ feb. 25, 2003

This was an old poem I wrote in 2003 and I finally turned it into a song in May 2010.