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I was born for this

So as I'm waking up this morning I'm realizing something. I was born for this. What is 'this' that I'm born for you ask?


I had the chance to play in the Augusta area last night at Brandon McGuiness' CD release show and had such an unbelievable time. I met too many cool people that made me feel like family. Bruce, Tami, Megan and Brandon - Thank you for letting me be part of your family for the night.

I'm actually laying in bed right now (the most comforable bed I've ever been in) posting this blog from my Samsung Instinct phone (iPhone ish but better - did I just say that?)

There were so many pics taken so I hope they get sent to me (pics@mattthien.com). One I can't wait to see is me with like 50 (ok, 6) BEAutiful young ladies who are going to help spread the word about Matt Thien MUSIC and their new favorite way to pose for the camera - The Matt Thien Point (MTP)

So Till, Bri, Chels, Aud, Meg and Gab I wanna see the MTP show up on your college and high school campuses :)

Who else did I meet? Way too many to remember but I'll try...Haylee, Patrick, Aaron, Chris, Deborah, Sydney, Raquel Monkey, Claudia, and this really awesome dude that kept giving me hugs. (838ing)! I know I'm leaving out so many. That means we'll have to do it again!!

Go check out Brandon McGuiness! And special thanks to my good friend Hannah Miller (go buy her new record too, it will make your heart happy) for singing some smokin' hot harmonies on BEAutiful. Also, Patrick thanks for letting show off my beatboxin' skills, that was cool!

Enough for now. I have new family and friends in Augusta and can't wait to come back. I'm tired of 'typing' on my phone :)

Love ya'll - 838 Matt

Im sirry if tnere r typos, its tough to pot a bloh om thjs thing :)

The recording video journal

Hey ya'll - just finished putting together my journey at Sputnik Sound in Nashivlle, TN with respects to recording my first 'official' CD 'Desert Dry'.

It's an inside look into the recording studio as I went from scared little boy to official recording artist! Enjoy

Day 0

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Purchase 'Desert Dry' at http://www.mattthien.com/products.html or on iTunes (search for Matt Thien) Love ya'll! MT

Desert Dry EP Reviews and Press (a necessary evil right?)

The first review of my 'Desert Dry' EP is in. If you're interested in reading it click HERE and to generate much needed buzz, please leave a comment at the bottom of the article page. As an old friend used to say in the Ricky Bobby voice, "Dangit Chip, just go read the article!"Love all of you!Matt Thien - MTMake sure you're signed up on the Matt Thien email list and please while you're visiting mattthien.com make sure you leave me a comment