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I wanted to post a blog to let everyone know what has been happening in the world of BANIC MUSIC. I am still honing the songs for live performance and recording. I will be doing some open mic nights in the coming weeks to get my feet under me performing the songs live. I hope to in a month or two, to be able to start actual gigs for all of you to finally hear BANIC MUSIC.

It has been a long year. The delay has been worth it. The songs are sounding great, the originals and the covers are really coming along. This experience has taught me a lot, most of all patience. I needed time for me as a musician to let these songs work them selves out. I won’t lie, there were and still are many headaches.

I know that I said that I will start shows soon but I am also going to try to record an album to document these songs. But, I go back to that lesson of patience and breathe. The excitement is getting to me to start playing shows. My fellow musician friends know this feeling. I have stories to tell and I hope I have hearts that want to listen to them.

So, please stay tuned to the website banicmusic.com and all your social media for the latest on BANIC MUSIC. The music is coming soon to set you free.

Soul to Soul, BANIC


Hello...This is BANIC...I just wanted to say something to all that came to my site....This is a very exciting time for me and my dream of creating music....I am revamping my musical status.....I have waited to long to create my sound and my voice... I have been studying music by sound, reading, touch and feel..The time has come for me too release my music to the world and see where it takes me....I plan on updating more and eventually have an actual dot.com web site. I just want to thank everyone that has stuck by me and waited for me finally stop dreaming and start doing....The ride should be fun...I hope you come along with me

Soul to Soul,