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Farewell To Jazz Great Bobby Hutcherson!

With a heavy heart, I say goodbye to a man I call uncle, friend, teacher, and mentor.The great Bobby Hutcherson is no longer with us.

Bobby was the epitome of class. His love and devotion to family structure carried over onto the bandstand. Don't dare bring baggage to the stage.

I had the pleasure of standing next to him for two seasons with the San Francisco Jazz Collective. He would school us every night. A stroke of one note from his vibes imbued so much power, beauty, and depth.

He was extremely generous with his knowledge. The musical advice were gems but the life lessons taught through his numerous stories and musical adventures were even more invaluable.

Bobby and his wife Rosemary were the sweetest couple. She always traveled with him. They were our guardians during those long, grueling travel days.

My heart goes out to Rosemary and his two sons Barry and Teddy. Prayers and condolences go out to his family and the jazz community.

I love you Bobby. Thanks for sharing your beautiful soul with us. Rest In Heaven.

Peace & God Bless, Andre Hayward

Welcome Message From Andre Hayward!!

Hello Reverbnation Family,

Welcome to my page. Glad to have you as a new fan. Feel free to browse around. Make yourself at home. Be on the lookout for updated content.

Peace & Keep Swinging, Andre Hayward

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