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Songs for Charity

I am currently working on releasing songs for Charity. Each song released for download, 80% of the proceeds will be used for those in need. For instance, I am finding that beds and bedroom sets seem to be a necessity that many people cannot afford and is overlooked, many families are sleeping on floors.

As I research the needs of many people, people of ALL AGES in the Michigan area, I am finding many of our house holds are in need of things that are overlooked by many charitable organizations locally. We send more overseas, then we contribute in our own local communities.

Even things we take for granted, pot's and pans, towels, blankets, furniture, are desperately needed among our Michigan Residents. United Way, Salvation Army, can only do so much. Funding is still very scarce. And our working boarder line, poverty/middle class are really getting the shaft, as well as our less fortunate that are in desperate need.

Sure there are organization's that try to help with food but even that is such a challenge and overwhelming for many of our local shelters and volunteers helping feed our less fortunate and homeless.

There is just not enough help. I will be launching a music campaign over the next few months that will help purchase things needed for not only our less fortunate but some of our working families that are just getting by, unable to collect help from the state because their minimum wage jobs, just meet requirements of where they can pay rent and eat Ramon Noodles or a can of tuna to survive on.

With Gas prices rocketing, of course things are going to get worse for some.

But for 1.00 a song, knowing each song is going to make a difference in someone's life, I could only hope my music will also make a difference in your life.

I am currently working out legalities, before I begin to start releasing songs for downloads, and launching my campaign.

I will be making available to all, publicly how proceeds are being spent and the difference we make together in so many people's lives, with just $1.00.

For $1.00 you will be getting a song and in return making a difference in someone's life.

I will be working other musicians as well who will also be apart of the EP I am working on called "HOPE". There are so many wonderful abbreviations for what this means to people all over the world.

So hope you keep a look out for updates and future developments and join me in helping me reach my goals of helping other people everywhere.

Earthly Angels will gather, I hope you become one of those future angel's for just $1.00

Home Town Idol Competition, Gibraltar Trade Center this Saturday

I am one of the judges for the


MT.CLEMENS, Mich.-Singers of all ages are invited to compete in Michigan’s favorite singing talent competition, Hometown Idol, 3:00 p.m. Saturday, May 25, 2013 at Gibraltar Trade Center North, 237 North River Road, Mt. Clemens, MI. The show will be held in the 7,000 square foot, outdoor Pavilion.

Singers will compete in three age divisions: Juniors (age 12 and under), Teens (ages 13-19) and Adults (age 20+). Music must be age-appropriate and family friendly, however, any style of music is welcome.

Contestants may bring a karaoke-style music track (no lead vocals) on CD or accompany themselves with one instrument (guitar, keyboard, etc.) or may sing a capella.

Singers will be judged on vocal technique, stage presence and “the Hometown Idol Factor”. An impartial panel will judge the event. The top three singers in each age division will receive a cash prize and trophy. The judges’ decision will be final.

Registration fee is $20 per contestant. Participants can register online at www.yourhometownidol.com or at the event at 1:00 p.m.

For complete rules and further information, contact Event Producer Robin Wojta at robin@yourhometownidol.com.

For a calendar of future Hometown Idol competitions, please visit www.yourhometownidol.com

Helping is Overwhelming.

My Sister's Benefit went well last Thursday. A very touching experience for many. It has been quite the challenge of doing what I can to help other's and now the challenge is so close to home. Sometimes I feel so alone in the fight and exhausted.

Although a few of my friends pulled things together to give me a break that evening. But the work is just beginning and day to day responsibilities of being a performer doesn't end along with trying to do what I can to help others.

This was a nice write up: http://www.freep.com/article/20130515/COL19/305150012/Local-bands-gear-up-to-give-back-at-fund-raising-events (written by Rachel May of the Detroit Free Press) of what musicians do.

Many of us need help ourselves, yet we are out there banding together to try and do what we can to make a difference in this world.

Combining your talent with a selfless heart will bring you much success.

When you share your talents with a selfless heart, the challenges of your efforts will not seem so great. You will be comforted with knowing that all challenges are temporary.

Your good deeds that are done with the thought of only receiving something in return for your good deed, you will be disappointed when your good deed is not returned and you wonder why.

But when you give selflessly without expectation, your efforts flourish with unexpected gifts.