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Soldier's Wife

We have been working hard to get a few new tunes out. It's been a couple of months, but I was really busy recording and mixing a Bluegrass band "The Fairmounters" You can visit their web site @ http://www.thefairmounters.com Soldier's Wife was primarally written by our vocalist / guitarist Mark Roberts and then I threw in my 2 cents and then Scott and Brad. So it's been a big collaboration and a lot of fun, and WORK!! Mark wrote this song with so many of his family being involved in one way or another with the Military. His daughter is a Soldier's Wife, his son is in the Amy reserves and many other connections that I won't write about because I don't have exaxct details. I think all of us have a loved one serving in these very uncertian times and our support is so very important. Mark wanted to acknowledge the women who serve, or are mothers, wives and sisters to the people who protect our freedom. We are in the final recording stages with just a few back up vocals to add. It shouldn't take long to get it mixed and out for you to listen to. I'm holding back on releasing the 'ruff' version cuz we think it is just a great tune. I'd like to give everyone a little preview but I've done that before and I think it takes away from the final version, it just takes away that element of "oh that's really cool, I want to hear it again" I guess. I hope to have "Soldiers Wife" out by April 15th at the latest so please check back often and play your favorite songs. Pray for Peace Dave

Elizabeth Taylor / Shakespeare

Elizabeth Taylor was and is a Classic and how fitting for her to play the role of Katharina in one of my favorite movies "The Taming of the Shrew". It is such a great story, even through the old English Shakespearian language it tells a story of everyday life that is still true today. What a combination, William Shakespeare, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. I'm not sure the story is so much about her being tamed is it is him, or the both of them. Where he is this kind of medieval biker dude with his band of merry men, drinking wine and eating big turkey legs and throwing the bones and bottles on the floor. Until one day Pertuchio decides he needs a wife for his small poor Kingdom and the rich next door neighbor King's hot daughter seemed like a good choice. So he goes and makes a deal with the King to take the daughter Katharina, who pretty much ain't in to the whole idea at all, but as we know back then women didn't have much of a choice, but as we see at least this one didn't put up with a lot of crap. So he has his new wife and some treasure from Dad in law to make everything great, right? Well his new wife ain't goin fot his heathern lifestyle at all and goes on to have her own bedroom and many other inconviences to her new husband that he just can't seem to wrap his head around. The end story is that she pretty much gets what she wants, as is the way it still is in modern times if you know what's good for you. And he kind of gets what he wants. So I ask the question, who is the one that gets tamed? It's an awesome story, Shakespeare was and is awesome and Elizabeth Taylor was and is on the same level of awesomeness. True beauty, grace and class will be hard, if not impossible to recreate. Watch the movie, don't let the language freak you out, actually it's kind of cool if you give it a chance. Pray for Peace

"The Kitchen Table Tour / Concerts In Your Home"

Mark Roberts and Dave Barnett have been doing Acoustic Shows for the last 2 years in the nightclubs and bars They have been calling it "The Kitchen Table Tour" We'd like to take it one step further and offer you "The Kitchen Table Tour / Concerts In Your Home" Not everyone wants to go out to a smokey, high priced, noisey club to enjoy Live Music With this option you can enjoy an afternoon or evening of Entertainment in the comfort of your own Home with Family and Friends, people You invite Not a bunch of strangers out looking for who knows what, well you know what but we won't talk about that here ;-) When you have a Concert inside your home you won't even need a PA We can supply one for outside Events or large rooms We perform a large list of Original songs as well as your favorite cover songs "The Kitchen Table Tour" at your "Kitchen Table" Good Times Guaranteed!! You can contact us here, leave a comment at the bottom of this post, at FB/silasdogan, through The Silas Dogan Band, Mark Roberts, Dave Barnett, Jesse Ray Mathis or at our web site www.silasdogan.com click on the BOOKING button Thank You and we look forward to meeting you!! We only advertise PUBLIC events. "The Kitchen Table Tour / Concerts In Your Home" are PRIVATE events that you control and invite exclusively for your party or get together. Your Privacy means everything to us and we will never advertise a PRIVATE show. We would prefer to do EXCLUSIVE shows such as these and will not jepordise our reputation as trustworthy service providers. You have our Word and Guarantee on that. Please leave your comment and question here at the bottom of the page and we'll get right back to you. I check this site usually once a day. Thank You

Smokin Gun changing it's name??

While Smokin Gun is a good band name...maybe it's a little too good. Or maybe a little too generic and un-original. There are at least a dozen Smokin Gun bands that I can find online and it's page 3 of my google search before I can find Our Smokin Gun. It's kind of hard to stand out in a crowd when everyone is wearing the same shirt. Picking a band name is more important these days than ever before. Now you are playing to a world wide audience. And if someone a thousand miles away from you happened to come across your web site, liked your music but did not bookmark your page, they may want to give you another listen a month later. If you are lucky they remember your name enough to use a search engine to find you, but there are 10 other bands with the same name. And if yours does not hit the top of the page they are probably not going much further than that. We are considering the change to "The Barnett Roberts Band". Leave a comment or send us a message to let us know what you think about this subject and our name change. Thanks for reading

The Peri's
The Peri's  (over 7 years ago)

I agree you want to be original..but Barnett Roberts doesnt wow me, and i wonder if people will remember it. (no offense.) i was reading through your branding country blog...how about the Rockin country blues band?

Ponderosa Breeze
Ponderosa Breeze  (over 7 years ago)

What yer saying makes sense. Our band faces the same situation, but we've already been established as Hired Gun, and dammit, we like it, even if there are at least a dozen of us on the internet. I pretty much agree with Peri's earlier comment. We say, Stick to yer Smokin Gun!
Rock on
Larry West, Hired Gun

Branding Country

I've always known that Branding your music is important. I have played in many cover bands, Classic Rock, Blues, Southern Rock (when it was Southern Rock) and Country. Almost anyone today will tell you that Country ain't Country anymore. But all genre's are going through change and it getting harder to sharply define any of them. As I said "when it was Southern Rock". Todays Southern Rock is much different than the day of the Allman Bros, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Marshall Tucker. When Molly Hatchet was an up and coming band their sound was easily identifiable as "Southern Rock". They sounded like the other Southern Rock bands and it didn't matter where they were from. Today Southern Rock sounds like Heavy Metal, or Pop Rock, or Country. But because a Band is from the south and they play Rock type music, they must be Southern Rock. Is it possible to be a Southern Rock band from Kansas City? If you are then you must be a cover or tribute band. My band is a Rockin' Country Blues band, sound familiar? We are playing original music mixed with covers. Some of the songs we cover are from mainsteam Country radio. Artist such as Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, Keith Anderson and Kid Rock. We also cover Stevie Ray Vaughan and Johnny Cash and it works. I have tried a couple of different things with our brand online. Blues, Country and Southern Rock. I can't say that in my opinion that we are a Country band but when I have tested these genre Brands we get the best numbers from branding ourselves as Country. Is that because the Country fan base has grown used to all the other genre's blending into the Country scene and that someone who listens to Country is more open to a variety of influences? The Red Dirt movement or Texas Music scene is definitely a place where all styles of music seem to be welcome under one roof. From Josh Abbott http://www.myspace.com/joshabbottband to Bleu Edmondson http://www.myspace.com/thebleuedmondsonband Traditional Country sounds to Dark Blues rock. Some areas of music are definitely getting harder to sharply define and with more mainstream Artist crossing over everyday and reaching new fans from genres outside of their primary base, it's hard to say that it's a bad thing. But it sure makes it harder to say "who" we are. It's probably easier to say who we aren't. At one point we decided to uniquely define our sound as "Thick Country" and will continue to associate that with Rockin' Country Blues.

New Photos

Hope you had a great weekend. Let me know about any of your news you'd like to share with me I played at a Memorial last night for a friend of mine that passed in July. It was a bittersweet reunion of old friends that I hadn't seen in years and some I see quite often. We had some tears, some beers, and a lot laughs remembering the good times we had with our friend Eddie, who left us way too soon. Life is too short, live it to the fullest everyday We have posted some new photos on our web site www.smokingunband.com Go check them out, I think we got some pretty good ones. Rick Joyce is the photographer, he does such a great job, I think you will agree Thanks for your time, write me and let me know what you think of the photos Dave & the Smokin Gun Band

20,000 People

Thanks for comin out to the show Friday night!! The Gassen family would like to Thank You as well We had a really good turn out of somewhere around 200 - 250 people in all throughout the evening You made the event a SUCESS!! Thank you so much!! I would like to thank Scott McCuiston for coming and filling in for Julio who is recovering from his recent surgery Kevin Gassen's NO ALIBI'S Tribute to Eric Clapton Band was flawless Great job Kevin, Bob, Al and Jeff Eric Gassen's Edge of Forever "Lynyrd Skynyrd" Band did a fantastic job despite the 2 circuit overloads but the problem was solved and the boys went on and did a professional show as always. Edge of Forever performed the next night at SandStone Ampitheater (to which I had the pleasure of attending) to somewhere around 20 thousand people!! Pretty cool

Last Night's Concert

Thanks to everyone that came out in Memory of Mark Gassen last night!! I'd say there was at least 250 of you you...Hell Yeah!! You guys ROCK!! No Alibi's was awesome and Edge of Forever........The Edge of GREATNESS!!! Thanks

Concert in Tribute to Mark Gassen this Friday

"Smokin' Gun" will be the openeing Band at the "Concert in Tribute To Mark Gassen" July 9th at The American Legion 418 Cherokee St Leavenworth, KS The Headliner for this event will be the best Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute band in the country "Edge of Forever" Lead by Mark's brother Eric Gassen. Kevin Gassen, also brother to Mark, will open for EOF with his Tribute to Eric Clapton band "No Alibi's" There is no cover charge (donations will be accepted to help cover funeral expenses) This will be a once in a lifetime event for Leavenworth as the "Edge of Forever" normally performs at much larger venues All three bands are some of Leavenworth's finest musicians and were, of course, greatly influenced by Mark We would love to see you there, it's totaly FREE and will probably never happen again!! Thanks for being a part of it!! Smokin Gun

World Famous

We just got home from our acoustic version of Smokin Gun. It's what we call The Barnett Roberts Kitchen Table Tour. We played at Holiday Hills Marina at The Lake of the Ozarks. 107.9 The Coyote was there and we were interviewed by DJ's Rev and Meat Man, 2 really cool guys. We gave them a single a single song CD of "The Country Road" that they said they would pass on to their program manager, we might even get a little radio air time....whoo hooo!! DJ Rev kept refering to us as "The World Famous Barnett Roberts" as we did a few songs Live on the remote Broadcast from Holiday Hills Marina. Definitely a Great time!! We now have an Official webite www.smokingunband.com Please go check it out and participate in our Poll,Join the mailing list if you have'nt already and leave us your comments Thanks Dave