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Tomorrow (Tuesday night) I'm back at the Whip In!

Wheeeee! I'm very excited to be performing at the Whip In again! I will be there every OTHER Tuesday, starting tomorrow. (That's the 9th & the 23rd of Nov. & the 14th, the 28th of Dec.)

It's a free 2 hour show, y'all, from 9pm-11pm!

Come check out their new menu items, 60 beers on tap, and I'll be performing a few new tunes as well!

See you soon!



TONIGHT at MOMO'S 5pm!!!


That's right kids, it's my last October happy hour show at Momo's!

And clearly, I am caffeinated, I mean excited about it.

So, I hope you can make it, and join the revelry because IT'S ALMOST HALLOWEEN and more than likely I will be wearing something costumey. Why? Because ANY excuse to dress up is okay by me, and really, if you are asking that question you don 't know me very well at all. Which can be remedied IF YOU COME TO MY SHOW TONIGHT!!!11!!1!

I'm going to go have another cup of coffee now. Wheee!

all! Hope to see you there!


rock and/or roll!

Hey all, thanks for joining up! I'm just getting things started here, so expect more to come in the next few weeks. xo