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the new sounds-

we have joined a new outfit, we have startted a new-[ DAGG-NAABIT-] A METAL/PUNK.SOUND WE CAN ALL INJOY-ONLY to re-group back as F O O T -

m s benifit show

F O O T has joined the fight.aginst [m.s]. - we have inlisted the help of 4 other bands to play a show,- 40 OUNCE FIST..BILLY DREAMER..THIS IS INDAIN LAND..WAZTTED MATT.. F O O T ..- [ ROCK 4 A CURE]-with all the proseeds going to fund the resreach for a cure.to this ruthless killer. -anyone who wishes to join .hit us up- march 24th,milwaukee wi.monkey bar-8pm. -murda matt-40 ounce fist-billy dreamer-this indain land-f o o t-.

f o o t
f o o t  (over 5 years ago)

60.00-we made 4 the ms society.


leaders in the BASTARD-FOLK movement...

we are foot,killers of shoes.

we are a COUGH MEDICINE PUNK ROCK BAND FROM BEER TOWN- some one asked us once,whats the cough medicine part about--its a tribute, to our founder- dillan marshal. [d-m] he wrote our 1st play list of songs. so as a show of respect, we took his beging letters, D M -also related to cough medicine- thus.. our wild crazy sound- couldnt be labled anything else.- and on that day, COUGH MEDICINE PUNK rock- WAS BORN-..