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Dear Old Me...

Dear old me, I just wanted to write you to let you know that I have received your letters and invites, heard all your voice messages, got the gifts you left on my doorstep, and received every email and Facebook inbox you have sent. In case you were wondering whether I was ignoring you or not, I WAS! You see you are dead to me and I want nothing else to do with you EVER again! You have caused me much failure and when I was walking with you I couldn't see clearly because all you wanted to do was drink liquor and beer, smoke and sell the strongest weed we could find, have sex with every female that would lay down with us, party everyday of the week, commit foolish crimes that were wrong and unnecessary, lie, cheat, steal, curse, manipulate and destroy the lives of others for personal gain. After all of that why would I wanna come back to you? You caused me to drop out of school and forfeit my dreams of becoming an architect! You caused me to destroy my record as an American citizen and now I'm forever labeled a FELON! You caused me to spend my teenage years in and out of jail and then sent me to prison in my early twentys! You were the reason I lost my focus and chose to conform to my environment and become what I saw my peers do! So to put it simply and bluntly HELL NO we can't be friends! Stay dead and stay away from the New Me! -Mersy

Far More Precious! #ForTheLadies

Ladies, everything that God made valuable in this world is well covered and hardly to see, find or get.

1. Where do you find diamonds? Deep down in the ground, covered and protected.

2. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered up and protected in a beautiful shell.

3. Where do you find gold? Way down in the mine, covered over with layers of rock and to get them, you have to work hard & dig deep down to get them.

"Your body is sacred & unique" You are far more precious than gold, diamonds and pearls, and you should be covered too.


Am I wrong for not co-signing ANYTHING that the world has to offer? NOT!!! Why is it that a great percentage of "christians" feel it's necessary to conform to the worldly (secular) system? We are a peculiar people and we are not meant to conform, fit in, or compromise but yet we were built to STAND OUT! We were manufactured to LEAD and not follow! We were created to BE THE STANDARD in which the world is to follow so WHY are we busy being carbon copies? #RiseUp #WeAreTheRedeemed #SaltAndLightOfTheEarth #NoMoreConforming

The World We Created:

There are ordinary people in this world of all races who have no problem taking the life of another and this is a known FACT. My conscious would kill me if I had to take a life in self defense or even by accident because I have the spirit of God within me and therefore my conscious is activated. It is sad that there are many in this world who see death by killing and then justify it or stand behind the decision to let a murderer get away with it. I don't wish death on anyone although it's an inevitable part of existence. This is the world we live in??? NO!!! This is the world we created because God had greater intentions for our earthly experience which was originally intended to mirror heaven and operate parallel to its governmental system but we have screwed it all to hell! Well prepare for fire people because he (God) promised it would be next time! Look around people! Look at the current condition of this world we created and all the hell thats running rampant in it and if it's not enough to make you get your life in order if its not, or give your life to Christ if you're unsaved, or re-dedicate your life if you're backslidden... then NOTHING is gonna shift your heart and mind to the ways of God. Parents I beg of thee to raise your children to have a relationship with God, to honor Him, love Him, reverence and respect Him because the enemy is after their souls and if he can cut their life short while in sin he has their soul on a leash. Let's STOP PLAYING!!! ‪#‎ThyKingdomCome‬

Punchlines Don't Save Souls!

Anybody can call themselves a "Christian Rapper" because ANYBODY can rap about being a Christian... but not every so called "Christian Rapper" has an anointing to reach the very people they're rapping to. We got it sooo twisted out here thinking God is pleased with us writing songs, laying tracks and putting on this persona but yet we don't serve, we don't evangelize, we don't disciple, and all we can resort to at the end of the day is our "Rap Abilities"... I'm TIRED of playing! If these souls ain't most important to you the STAY OFF THE MIC! The Kingdom is not a record label and God is NOT signing artists... He is looking for Generals! REAL Men of God who have a passion for more than a punchline filled record but a burning and a yearning for seeing the lost found! The drug addict delivered! The gang-bangers chains broken! The homeless fed and clothed! The hurting healed! WAKE UP PEOPLE! We are more than musicians, rappers, singers, songwriters, artists etc. We are the redeemed of the Lord God Almighty! Let's strip ourselves of this self absorbed, self glorified flesh and walk in the Spirit of God! Stop making our God look small like some record producer and start glorifying Him and magnifying His name for He is the BIGGEST and BADDEST EVER! Less of us MORE of HIM! Get out of His way and let Him be God! #NewStandard #NewCulture #PERIOD

Christian Rap Beef??? #Really

We are all "parts" of ONE BODY period! You would never see an arm doing what a leg does, or an eye doing what an ear does... Thats because they are different and all serve and IMPORTANT role in the functioning of a body. So when one Christian rapper is against the other, talking down, hating, bashing or simply dissing it shows the world that the "BODY" of "CHRIST" if malfunctioning and ultimately failing to function normally or satisfactorily. That is a worldly trait, quality and characteristic of the worldly standard, and secular hip-hop capitalize and gain advantage from using it as we so often see with hip-hop beefs, feuds, rivalries etc. Therefore us as Christian Rap Ministers should NOT I repeat NOT conform to their standard, nor bring their culture characteristics into nor remotely close to the Kingdom. We should SET THE STANDARD of Love, Unity, and Forgiveness in our music for the world to see and conform to our standard of music and life. We were not put here to be followers but to be LEADERS! We were not put here to conform but to RULE and have DOMINION over all circumstances. So honestly hollering "Christian Rap is wack" or even having an egotistical, self-centered, and being excessively conceited and absorbed in yourself as a "Christian Rapper" is nothing less than you being trapped in the snare of the enemy in which you are no different than a worldly rapper dissing his own kind. #LetUsBeUnitedAsOneBody #NoChristianRapBeef #NewStandard #NewCulture #NoConforming #NoCompromising #DontFitIn #StandOut -Mersy

Setting The Standard

Its Time To Usher In A New Sound And Establish A New Culture. Its Time To Do What Has Never Been Done Before And Show The World Something They Have Never Seen. Its Time We Stop Following The Standards Of This World And Become The Standard.

HipKnokerZ  (over 7 years ago)


Religion vs. KINGDOM

When It Comes To Religion, Most Are Stuck On A Traditional Way Of Thinking, Going Through The Motions Of What The World Has Painted To Be A Christian. In Most Cases We Get Set In A Overly "Religious" Way Of Thinking and Forget The Big Picture That We Are Sons and Daughters Of The Most High King, Sent To Have Dominion and Power Over This Earth! When We Erase Religion Thinking and Apply A KINGDOM Mindset... We Step Into A New Level!!! So We Ask You All Today... Religion vs. KINGDOM.... Which Side Are You On???