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Phallic Symbolism Lyrics

Every time I think of it, it brings me to my knees Images flash into my mind, too fast to process clean Makes me stop and question if my thoughts are even mine Careful adaptation, permutation, captive mind Down this road I'm led away, in seconds taking me Fading out, what's done is done, out pours my sanity Jingle catch is grating in its own monotony Enter in the chiseled Pecs, my eyeballs start to bleed A grip of cash was thrown at that retard monstrosity Once again stuck in my head, the blonde with perfect teeth Airbrush is the standard, lifting all that cottage cheese Ending with a fashion statement, squeezing into jeans All of this to sell me on the cheapest crap around begging my attention, using all the sights unbound Too much dropped for this a month and shelled out constantly Stated contradiction passed for logic, pure and sound

Round the Bend, Hard hitting curve Hang in the balance, I am disturbed Silhouettes displayed, etched on my brain I need some blood, to remove this stain Who are they? They dictate my life to me? Who are they? Tell me what to think? Who are they? Jabbing me incessantly Who they are to me is a given Not blinded by their phallic symbolism