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TOO FAST FOR DEATH! New Lineup, Gigs, TV appearances, New Record and Film.

It's been a few months and the dead have arisen from their ancient slumber...... Trapped under ice for a decade, the original DEADNEKS guitarist & Frankenstein's monster Lurch Terror has been awakened by the evil vampire overlord Fangface to do his bidding and shroud the earth in total darkness. That's right, we've experienced our annual lineup shift & are gearing up to bring you guys some of the nastiest Neks music & entertainment yet. We got a couple big things coming up in September with the WWAC Filthy Rocker's Ball in HotLanta and The Frantic Flintstones & our partners in crime from Durty Jersey The Silverhounds in PA. We're grinding away at the setlist so, keep an ear to the ground for upcoming local gigs & special announcements. The DEADNEKS will also be making an appearance on The White Label Lounge a music show on ZomBee TV for Roku. Stay tuned for announcements regarding air dates & times. The rehearsals that we have had so far with the new lineup show evidence of a much more metal edge so, fans of the Trilogy of Blood era DEADNEKS will be stoked. We're looking at bringing back some of the old classics that we haven't played in a few years as well as finishing up some songs that were never completed & writing brand spanking new songs. The Trilogy of Blood EP is currently being remixed & will be sent to press shortly thereafter. We wanted to put out a new release since the last thing we did was a short film. The EP will include re-recordings of 3-4 songs featured on the Dumb, Drunk, & Dead CD along with the title track to the film and 4-5 -previously unreleased tracks so, this is a little something to tide you guys over till we can get a box fresh record in the can. With the success of the Trilogy of Blood DVD, it only makes sense that we should do another horror short. A rough draft for "Demoniacal" has been in the works for a bit. Since we took on the 60's HG Lewis approach on our last one, we're decided to make our next film a homage to the Italian "Giallo" films of the 70's & 80's with inspiration from directors such as Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Mario Bava, Lamberto Bava, etc. We're looking a a 45-60 minute run time with emphasis on mood, tone, lighting, atmosphere, artistic shots & angles as well as long, drawn out gore scenes. We've secured our primary location & have been in talks with a director so, it's looking more & more like a reality. Lots of irons in the fire. Stay up, stay sick, or stay away. DIE!!!!!!! Fangface


Check out the DEADNEKS on Static Babble Radio Episode #9 Hellbilly Babble. The DEADNEKS to submit music for & appear in FEATHER the new Horror Short from Fangoria's Dave McKendry. the DEADNEKS' TRILOGY OF BLOOD to be screened @ TRASH O RAMA @ teh Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte NC March 25th followed by a live performance by the DEADNEKS on March 26th. Don't forget to spread the psycho sickness & suggest us to your friends. STAY TUNED FOR NEW GIG DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED.....DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

New CD "Southern Exploitation Double Feature" slated for Halloween 2010 Release

last year was a pretty slow year for the Neks as I'm sure you know. in fact, last year we broke a record for the least amount of shows in 6 years. the economy along with a number of other factors have played a large part in this & we're gearing up to bring the old nasty nasty back to ya with a vengance this year. we finally got the "Trilogy of Blood" DVD finished & we're undergoing some shifts in the lineup but, rest assured the "Southern Exploitation Double Feature" CD will be finished for a fall release. plans for a mini tour in So. Cal. in November of this year are also in the works as well. the Deadneks turns 10 years old this year. a decade of drunken god-awful racket & debauchery.....we're gonna make it our best year yet for us & for you!!!!! keep checkin' back for the skinny. NOW DIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Fangface