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Show 100!!!!

Hey look! Show 100! It's a been an awesome ride and now we cruise through the 100 show plateau and onward. Cobblestone should be jumping.

100th Show for Montgomery County!

Yeehaw! Our 100th show will be happening on May 3 at the Cobblestone in Cobble Hill. This will be a big celebration for us and we look forward to seeing some of the great crowd that has helped make this whole thing possible. The folks at the Cobblestone are planning an event to go with our celebration and this will be a night to remember and must attend.

You cannot miss this one!!!

Luxton Rodeo

I have to say we are absolutely thrilled to be playing Luxton Rodeo again in 2013. Last year the band had such a great time and the crowd was fantastic. Tickets do sell quickly for the Rodeo and it does sell out so we recommend grabbing tickets as soon as they go on sale. Check out the Luxton Rodeo webpage for details about when tickets will go on sale.

Montgomery County to play Sunfest!

Yes, you read right! Montgomery County will be appearing at Sunfest in August of 2012. Information to follow shortly.....

The perflect blend of recording and performing....

Well...the band is back into the scene again and the bookings are starting to come fast and furious. This is what we want, why would we complain? Simply put, we certainly aren't. This isn't possible without the fans that continue to show up at our shows and support us. Without you folks, it just wouldn't be fun.

The summer is looking like a summer full of fun and performing. Looks like a perfect blend of indoor and outdoor shows. We remain hopeful that Merritt or Sunfest will decide to bring us in and that will help propel us to new heights.

The CD is a steady work in progress. Though not as fast as we'd like but we remain hopeful that a summer CD release party can coincide with some of our bigger shows so that both new and old fans, alike, can enjoy the original material that we are preparing. Two songs from the upcoming CD are already mainstays in our shows and people are enjoying those, which bodes well for the CD.

Yeehaw, everyone....we'll be looking to link up with all of you at shows in the near future!