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Warped Tour!

Hey everyone, we've just started re updating all of our social media and getting ready for what will hopefully be a great summer and fall for us! In the mean time, will you do us a favor and vote for us at http://warped.battleofthebands.com/u/Breckenwood so we can hopefully win a spot on Warped Tour in Buffalo? Thanks so much!

Post Tour Update

Hey all! Garrett here. Though we're all tired and drained, the past 2 and a half weeks of tour were absolutely awesome! We're so happy to have met so many great people and to have made new friends and fans, hopefully including you!

We'd like to give a special shout-out to our stage manager, Tony Knox, for putting up with us the whole tour and making sure we were all in working order, thanks Tony!

If you haven't yet, get on our email list for constant updates, free exclusive BW material like recordings, photographs, videos and demos, and just so we can put you in our personal contact list ;)

Thanks to everyone who made this last run a great one, and we sure hope to see everyone again ASAP!

G and BW

March Update 3/24/13

What's up everyone? Happy Spring (even though it's still cold and snowing, blahh...) Anyways, tour was awesome! Met so many cool people, new fans, new bands to play with, and new people in RED PANTS! Right now, we're planning minimal shows in April because we'll be doing two totally awesome things. 1) We will be starting shooting for the music video for "Loser of the Year" and if you want to be in the video, all you have to do is ask! Send us a message or write on our Facebook wall if you're interested. 2) We will also begin planning our Summer Tour that we plan to take us all the way to southern Florida and back. If you want us to play your town, let us know! We want to play for YOU! Planning starts this week, so hit us up with cities and towns to play in. We're also aiming to have new merch for you guys next month including new shirts and wristbands. Until then, keep on doing it great!


February Update 2/10/13

Happy late New Year everyone! We've been busy here in the BW world. If you haven't bought the album, Take Me There is available now on iTunes, Amazon, and more so check it out. Also, we're in the planning statges of our tour next month. We've got shows booked in New York City, Cleveland and Buffalo and we're finalizing dates in Rochester, Syracuse, Watertown, Albany and Erie. In practice we've been working on a few new songs, and some new covers to show you guys the next time you come out to a show. We've also got new stickers, wristbands, shirts and other fun stuff you guys can get at our shows. We're working on a new throwback style shirt as well. That's pretty much it so keep in touch and we'll see you at the next show! -BW

November Update 9/9/12

Hey all!

Our album released this passed weekend on the 3rd with amazing results! To all of you who were in the crowd that night, thank you for being absolutely amazing! We had so much fun, and we hope you guys are enjoying the album.

This passed Wednesday, we got the opportunity to open for Sum 41 here in Buffalo at Town Ballroom. With late 90s/early 00s punk being one of our biggest influences, it was a dream come true. Even I got to the venue and was blown away with what we were about to do. Being on stage and looking at hundreds of faces looking back and singing along to our words was absolutely amazing. We met some great new fans, friends and bands that night, so we thank you all from fans to friends to people who made it possible, thank you!

We also just got featured in the "Listen to This" column of the Buffalo News GUSTO, so check that out as well.

We're in the process of booking more gigs for this month and next month, and thinking of a tour in the summer, so let us know where you want us to play!

Thanks to all!

Garrett and BW

The Blog Starts Here!

Hey everyone! It's been a while, how've you been?

Our debut CD is about to be release in less than two weeks! We hope you guys are just as excited as we are for this monumental moment in our career as a band. Keep checking in for details on where you can find TAKE ME THERE!

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Hey all!

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