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Happy Holidays!

November 20th, 2013

Dear Friends,

The Thanksgivings Day Holiday is just around the corner. Then before you know it the Hanukah and Christmas Holidays will lead us into New Years Eve. Hopefully the New Year of 2014 will be a great year for all of us.

During the course of 2013 I have published music videos based on the original songs that appear on my first two CDs “Last of Windsor” and “Rainbow over the Rock”. These videos can be watched on my You Tube channel.

Hopefully you will visit my You Tube channel and subscribe. To do so just go to You Tube and type in the search line:

The Bruce of Windsor Project or Bruce David Loeffert

Here is the Link: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXQB-Z2F469PMjvXc79tkRg/featured?view_as=public

Good News: Presently, I have begun rehearsing with my good friend (keyboard player) Kenny Hendricks to do live shows of the music by The Bruce of Windsor Project. We are preparing to do the shows as a duo beginning in January or February of 2014. Our performances will be an unplugged version of the songs which will bring a different feel to the music. The shows will initially take place on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at various venues. One of the venues being negotiated is The Blue Parrot in Massapequa, NY owned by a long time friend of mine Romeo Martello. Each show will consist of a one hour set or two 40 minute sets of all original music. These shows will feature music found on the first two CDs as well as new songs that I have written for my next CD Project which will be called “Atlantic Waves”. Please forward this email to your friends and contacts that might enjoy the music.

Happy Holidays to all!

Bruce David Loeffert

The Bruce of Windsor Project

Over One Million Plays on my Music Players/ Widgets since Dec. 2007

Thanks to listeners around the world the music players / widgets like the one on this page have been clicked on over One Million times since December 2007. The music players / widgets are placed on my pages at MySpace, Facebook, Bebo and other websites. It is amazing that people around the globe have and are tuning in daily to listen to the music from both of my CDs. The first CD Last of Windsor was released in Dec. 2007 and has 15 original songs on it. The most recent CD Rainbow Over The Rock was released in September 2009 and has 10 original songs on it. These music players can be embedded into messages, comments, and pages on MYSpace, Facebook and other compatible websites. Having reached this milestone of one million plays is an achievement. At this juncture I feel accomplished and rewarded.... I thank all my friends out there for tuning in and listening.... Peace --- All the best - Bruce

New CD Rainbow Over The Rock in process of being recorded!

The Bruce of Windsor Project has been woring on our new cd entitled Rainbow Over The Rock. So far the group has completed five new songs. During the course of this winter and into the spring I will be writing the finishing touches on 3-5 additional new songs. The cd should have 8-10 new songs on it. Stay tuned and tell your friends about the band. In addition be sure to visit my pages at: www.myspace.com/brucedavidloeffert www.showcaseyourmusic.com/bruceofwindsor www.myspace.com/bruceofwindsor If you have not signed on to our mailing list please do so. Once on the list you will receive direct updates on the band, the new cd, and upcoming shows we will be performing. Peace - Bruce