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Body of music growing

We have a number of new virtual synths and a whole new vocal studio set-up fo rthe band in place now. Work continues when we can on refining the tracks we have, and ensuring that we have a body of work that's of a quality we are happy to put out to you. Vocal work is frustratingly slow, but I can reveal that soon this and our production work in general will be accelerated a lot. We are investigating production services and hope to have some news later in the fall. In the meantime, please keep listening and enjoying our music. And if you are a label... get in touch! :-)

Building material, looking for label

Hi all. W are very busy at Fused HQ continuing writing and reworking our older tracks into a coherent full set from which there will be EPs released and hopefully an album. We've had some time setbacks particularly with data loss and vocals but we are back on track and vocal recording has begun (finally). It seems people really like what we are doing, and any labels out there interested in talking, we'd love to present our work for your company with a view to bringing Fused to a label for commercial release!