well, well, well we have a New Year upon us Good time for a change, The Northwest AR area is calling. Though I haven't been writing as much as of late, I have a stock pile of over a 100 demo's. I have some in there I KNOW will make it on the next record. Others I still have to chose from. One that I know will make it, is "Midnite Merry-go-round", "On and On", "Play Dead for me", "Anytime Loneliness calls" just to name a few. This time around I am looking for an awesome Lead guitarist that can play but knows, how to let a song breathe. in a Drummer someone who can play all styles and a bassist that keeps that groove pounding... And a few other surprises to back all this up.. Girls or Guys will work as far as the musicians are concerned, if they got what I'm looking for.. Along with the new recordings I plan on getting at least 2 older recordings out. The one that was done in 2013 (10 Tracks) and then there is the one I recorded back between 2007/10 that even though I recorded 11 tracks I may only release 6 of those 10. So Hopefully it will be a productive year

Long Time

It's been a while since I put anything here, Looks as though my journey's will take me to The Northwest Arkansas area beginning sometime at the end of this year and or beginning of next year. I had hoped to be back in Colorado but that is not an option at this current time. So I have decided on the Rogers/Fayetteville area of Arkansas. I will be hopefully putting together a playing band as well as lay down a NEW albums worth of material. at current time I have over 70 demo's ready to pick from. If you are a Musician in and around the Northwest Ar area. Hit me up. Brian Roxxy


It's on here right now for FREE! Go download it all 10 tracks I hope you enjoy this FREE Offer.. Let me hear your feed back.. Brian

Nov. 6th 2013

The CD recording process is done all 10 songs complete now comes the mixing and mastering.. Will hopefully have a Release Date soon.. Hoping for the End of the year Dec. 31st 2013... though it could get pushed back to Jan 2014.. I will be pressing a LIMITED Run of actual CD's so let me know if you want an Actual CD and not just a digital Download.. Thanks Brian Roxxy

10/5/2013 Studio update

Went in today to lay down the FINAL 7 vocal tracks, wrapped that up.. next weekend time for Solo's/leads and we're done.. then onto Mixing and mastering.. if all goes well this Disc will be released before the year is up. :)

Studio Update

Laid down 10 tracks (scratch tracks) and nailed down 3 of those tracks minus the Leads. What now will become the next CRY ENVY album are the following tracks. (in a random order) 1. Honey Bee 2. Vixen 3. All Dressed up (No place to go) 4. Shut up, Shut Up (just give me a reason) 5. Feels so good 6. D.T.F. 7. Pretty tore up 8. Go Down 9. I wanna Kill your pussycat 10. C'mon, C'mon, C'mon Check out the Sample of VIXEN.. on the player.

Songs here and More to Come

A lot of the newer songs here are simple DEMO's that I put up here just to have them and have them as a back up. to what I have saved, plus you can check them out give me feed back whatever... etc I will be getting NEW Studio quality songs up ASAP Stay tuned for that. Thanks Brian...

New tunes on the horizon

Though ive been down (working on other projects) I haven't foresaken my main creation which is CRY ENVY which I created back in the winter of 2004. I Hope to finally finish the mastering on the CD "YOU'RE MY DIRTY ONE" which I recorded with JK Northup on Most Guitar, Most the Bass and Drums. I played some Rhythm Guitar and Alan Harrison played Bass on three tunes as well... And I am working on putting some more tunes down myself. I have more then enough tunes to complete 2 to 3 Albums worth. I would like to work these out with JK, but cost right now would be the biggest obsticle. Just the Airfare alone would kill me so I look towards recording them myself in the near future here in Colorado. As I get closer I will be more active on this site listing what to expect. For now I hope you enjoy the music listed on here and take advantage of the FREE downloads as well.

Brian Roxxy

a little info to chew on

I just want everyone out there to know that the 9 songs from the album "WELCOME TO MY HOUSE" by my band CRY ENVY are as follows, have always been and always will be the ORIGINAL recordings and would NEVER have come to exsist without me bringing in the finished set of lyrics & melody, as the guitarist could never write from scratch. It took my parts to lay the ground work and pave the way to fish out a tune. (as for the first album thos songs were complete when he came in minus two songs) So as far as the songs go it was as follows; Lyrics by Brian Roxxy 50% of the original song. Music by L. Oliver 50% of the original song. No matter what he has done to the songs since this is how they were created. 1. Welcome to my house (actually this is an older song and if you need proof go check out "Welcome to the cathouse" on youtube @ roxxy67) This is where it got its start back in 1989. 2. Outlaw 3. It's all about you 4. Nothing I can do 5. Friends Under Cover Kissing 6. Up to no good 7. You on me 8. How could I 9. Get a little naughty The 10th song - She leaves the lights on was written 100% by me.

I have gone on too write 100's of other songs since while he and his now band sit on these 9 songs as well as my 100% song claiming them as theirs. HACKS... Just goes to show where the talent and creativity is. Just sayng. Want to know how I really feel about him Check out my Song "LIVIN' TO LOSE" that pretty much says it all how I feel about that piece of shit.

Band History Musicians and Songs

I started CRY ENVY back in the winter of 2003, when I came up with the name, Idea and a handfull of songs. The Line ups are as follow and since I created the band, the name and most all the songs I'll omit my name. Brian Roxxy.


1st Guitarist - David O'Boyle 2003 - 2004

-------2nd Guitarist - Bret Santti - Nov. 2004 - April 2005

-------3rd Guitarist - Linus Oliver - April 2005 - Feb. 2008

-------4th Guitarist - Erikk Soprano March 2008 - June 2010

-------5th Guitarist (2 shows) Ace Blackstone May 2010 - June 2010

-------------- 1st Drummer - Colin Stambuski - Nov. 2004 - Feb. 2006

--------2nd Drummer - Chris Jamison Feb 2006 - August 2006

--------3rd Drummer - C.C. August 2006 - Feb. 2008

--------4th Drummer - Mike Emmons - March 2008 - August 2008

--------5th Drummer - (Psycho) Nov. 2008 - Jan 2009

--------6th Drummer - Adam Christi - March 2009 - Sept 2009

--------7th Drummer - Chris Jaimson Jan 2010 - June 2010


1st Bassist - Randall Justice - Nov. 2004 - Feb 2006

-------2nd Bassist - Ziggy (Steve Kohler) Feb 2006- June 2007

-------3rd Bassist - Noti Bullets - June 2007 - Feb 2008

-------4th Bassist - Alister Coxx - March 2008 - Jan 2009

-------5th Bassist - Chris Michaels - March 2009 - Sept 2009

-------6th Bassist - Alsiter Coxx (Alan Harrison) Jan 2010 - June 2010

1st Album "NEVER SAY PLEASE" - 2005

1. Tell it like it is - 100% written by Brian Roxxy

2. Take my Heart - Lyrics by Brian Roxxy, Music by Brian Roxxy & Bret Santti

3. She leaves the lights on - 100% written by Brian Roxxy

4. She's got me - Lyrics by Brian Roxxy & Music by Linus Oliver

5. Down, Down - Lyrics by Brian Roxxy & Music by Linus Oliver

6. Tip of my tongue - Lyrics by Brian Roxxy & Music by Brian Roxxy & Bret Santti

7. Turn me on - 100 % written by Brian Roxxy

8. A love to last all Time - Lyrics by Brian Roxxy & Music by Brian Roxxy & Bret Santti

9. Never Say Please 100% written by Brian Roxxy

------------------- 2nd Album "WELCOME TO MY HOUSE" 1. Welcome to my house

2. Up to no good

3. Its all about you

4. Nothing I can do

5. Outlaw

6. You on me

7. Get a little naughty

8. Friends Under Cover Kissing

9. How could I

**ALL** Lyrics by Brian Roxxy & Music by Linus Oliver

10. She leaves the lights on - 100% written by Brian Roxxy


Pre-first Album Lyrics by Brian Roxxy & Music by David O'Boyle

1. Blow by Blow

2. She's my poison

3. Leave me burn

4. She's affraid

5. Run hard, Run Free

6. Eye's on you

7. Fire at will


After Albums 1. Pretty Tore up

2. Anytime loneliness calls

3. She's too high

4. Welcome to the Cathouse

All written 100% by Brian Roxxy

---- 1. The Summer song - Lyrics By Brian Roxxy & Music by Erikk Soprano