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Clearwater takeover.

This is a takeover not a makeover. 727 represent.

Back in the local top 10.

This is our first time in the local hip-hop top 10 for Clearwater and it feels legit. I know for sure that we have played more shows, logged more miles and played in front of more nerds then any other hip-hoppers in the 727.

New Album!


Summertime and the Living is Easy E.

Kicking much ass, working on final details for the MI shows. Stay tuned.

exciting times

we are so pleased with all of our progress. please cruise over to www.direwood.bandcamp.com for a free download of our brand new album.


To all friends, old and new. We hope we enjoy the music. If you would like a hard copy please e-mail mcouling@yahoo.com.