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Figuring it all out

The past year has been a learning curve. It is amazing to have people support you and have faith in you. But there are also people who wonder how you have "made it this far"...they don't mean you ill they just don't get what you do...and I'm cool with it...I think obsticles are goood because they are opportunities for growth and to test how hard you will work to meet your goals. I feel priviliged to be able to persue my passions at the level of my peers and respect the sacrifices they make each day in hopes of success. Keep the faith xoxo C

Hello ReverbNation!

Hi folks, so those of you who know me know that I've been working hard the past few years. And things are going well. I' really excited to be on ReverbNation and be alongside my musical peer and hero's. I think so any artists struggle to "make it" but with the changing face of the biz I think "making it" is what you make of it. I may have to scale back on my plans for world domination but I hope to find my place in the music world. I a preparing for the release of my second single and it's going to be great. It is an orginal track written and produced by my producer Leo Frappier. It will feature remix by one of my fave Dj's DJ Jaime J Sanchez! I look forward to sharing the release daye with you and upcoming performances. Right now e and my team are busy working out all the details to make this single a success. I appreciate your input and support. xoxo C