Upcoming shows November

Kittenhead has several upcoming shows in November for you viewing pleasure!

First we keep San Diego HOT with a show at the Tower Bar on Saturday 11/14

The midweek in Riverside we record a TV show at MLT Mission Tobacco Lounge 11/18

Finally we are killing the Silver Lake Lounge on 11/20 with an GIRLS NIGHT to start your weekend right.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Come out and support!!

Silicon Valley Roller Girls and Kittenhead!


SVRG v FFF San Jose Convention Center San Jose CA

6/6/15 doors open at 5:30p

Musical guest: KITTENHEAD!!

Hello KittenHead Pride;

Code KITTENHEAD gets a ticket for $10.00 (regularly $18) and a wrist band good for the after party as well.

General public will pay a $5 cover to get into Back Bar after party! Link below:


Hot Derby GIrls - Great Music - it is a MUST SEE EVENT!!

See you there!

summer Kittenhead

KIttenhead is in the running to play the Extreme Tour this summer!

The Extreme tour is an X-Games style event with social outreach to youth through the medium of sports and music. There are tour dates though out the US, Canada, Europe and Japan.

KIttenhead is also scheduled to play several derbies in the next few month as well as Marianarchy in Reno on 5/16.

We are going to be very busy and hoping to see you all out at a show soon!

Riots and KH

While we all watch the riots in Baltimore with some level of dread, it is a symbol of our society that people argue about broken windows and burnt down buildings over the dead bodies of human beings.

Kittenhead stands with the parents who have lost children to senseless violence.

To often the justice system fails the underprivileged, wether it be a person of color, the survivor of rape or a sexual minority. Failure to punish anyone but the victim is an added insult to the crime already perpetrated upon this person.

It is another betrayal when the perpetrator is an officer of the state. This happens all to often in minority communities and has been happening for way too long. Yes people are angry and they have good reason, this is decades of frustration and abuse that are being demonstrated in these riots. Try to understand what it would be like to fear for your own and your child's safety everyday from the very people that are suppose to protect you.

No not all police are guilty. However it just takes a few that coupled with a broken justice system creates a culture of fear. Just like a war zone, and it is horrid to live in a war zone.

So try to understand and open a dialogue about change for the future where people work with and do not fear the guardians of their communities.

now back to your irregularly scheduled

UPDATES!! 4/12/15 Kivi and Victorya had a lovely interview with Drbones (yes that is how he spells it) and you can find it here: http://www.spreaker.com/user/4524520/interview-with-kittenhead Of course Isaiah (VJJ's Lil Bother) had a big track meet -- so Kivi and VJJ were in lovely Arcadia being athletic supporters! (GO Zaih!) After finding a semi secluded (not really) spot - K and V had a lovely interview! Drbones also played "enough" and "#9" on air. So take a listen and look for more updates as news happens fast in the Kittenhead world! xoxo KH

O Canada

Tune in tomorrow night as Kittenhead invades Canada! OK -- it is a friendly invasion of music and a chat with DJ Dr. Bones! 7p on the left coast, that means 9p for you Easterners! Here is the link to Dr. Bone's podcast: http://www.spreaker.com/user/4524520 Enjoy! and wish us well storming the frozen tundra! xoxo KH

The Mayor of the Sunset Strip!

Kittenhead had a lovely meeting with Rodney Bingenheimer on Wednesday evening at Canter's Deli. Best know as Rodney on the ROQ -- the soul of KROQ radio, one of the most iconic rock stations in the world, Rodney is one of the very few Radio DJs left on mainstream terrestrial radio to select his own playlists. This means he has introduced the world to numerous and varied acts including, Coldplay. Nirvana, No Doubt and The Runaways. Rodney is an institution and thankfully there is someone independent still listening to music outside of the industry hard sell. Thanks Rodney for a lovely engagement! xo KH

Thorazine  (over 2 years ago)

Thorazine got to spend time with Rodney at Cantners in the 90's many times. Nice to know things don't change!

Red Queen Music

Kittenhead is pleased to join the roster of Red Queen Music, a Publishing company who specializes in music placement. We are happy to share the stage with our fellow roster mates tomorrow at Kittenhead's CD release party at Cafe NELA: Forever my love no more Jean-Paul RIva The Gatsby Affair Also joining us will be Lotusroom who we met on tour last Fall. KIttenhead is looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Red Queen music!

added to the show

Hello all! For the CD release party on the 13th of March 2015, Kittenhead is pleased to announce our friend and the Wizard of Kitten Robot Studios Paul Roessler will be playing. KIttenhead is so excited to be able to share a stage with such a talented and wonderful musician! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

and now MERCH!!

When Reverbnation took down their merchandise site, it took us a while to research and come up with a site that ensured quality and low prices for online ordering of Kittenhead merchandise. We are happy to announce Kittenhead now has an online store on Zazzle and here is the link: www.zazzle.com/Kittenhead We will be putting up new items over time with different options--and you can put your name on items and otherwise modify the clothing specifically to your taste! So check it out and keep coming back to see what is new! xo KH