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Now Booking 2014

Now Booking 2014. Contact us to play your venue :-)

New Live Recording

Last month we multitrack recorded 24 songs for a live CD project and they are in the final stages of mix down almost ready for mastering. All 24 won't make the CD but it's been fun getting inside them for a few weeks :-)

Life in Paradise :-)

'played a wonderful wedding gig up the coast by Ano Nuevo and Pigeon Point. A lot of local friends and many guests from Europe with a setting in the farm lands on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Dancing dancing dancing and lots of smiles to the wee hours. 'just our kind of crowd!

Great gig last night!

Thanks to all of our fans who came out to last nights gig and made it a grand success! Great dancing and good vibes abound. The next few weeks finds us with some private events and our members traveling so please mark your calendars for our next public performance at the Boccis Cellar Swing Dance Sept 14 at 5:30-730PM. We are Reverbnation's Number One Dance band for Santa Cruz!

New video

It's time to update our videos but it's like herding cats to get everyone on board. The great thing is the technology has gotten so affordable and into the hands of good folks just looking for a project. I prefer a "live" video shoot to just laying our music over found images so the "herding" continues.

Always adding new material

Always looking the new material that will surprise and entertain our fans. With four vocalists there is a lot to choose from!