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red rooster writer's night...

last night we hosted our second "red rooster writer's night" it was a great time to say the least. hell, i say that all the time. it's true though! we are seriously makin some great memories these days! andy and elliot rolled into town about 5 o'clock. the night is sponsored by harlow salon, so nicole johnson and i went in to take them up on their offer for free hair and makeup. (no i didn't get any makeup!) 5:30 2 for 1 beer w/ andy and elliot at the tin roof 6:00 1/2 priced pizza w/ andy, elliot and sarah. 6:30 sound check w/ charlie (check check hey hey 1,2) 7:00 showtime baby! nicole johnson, jackson delaney, travis mobley, david byrnes, doug mccormick, elliot sublett, channing wilson, tawnya reynolds and robyn aristone. it was a proud night for me to have such a talented group of friends all getting up and doing their thing. loved hearing from everyone, how much they loved the others too. the nice folks from 360 were on hand to do some filming. we will probably be getting some footage and putting it up. our friend glenn sweitzer rolled in gangsta style sportin a new hat. super john brought us some hooch. the rest is too incriminating to share! aren't ya'll sorry ya couldn't be there? we will be doing it again, maybe in june. that's all for now. next tuesday, april 27th we are playing a benefit show on the outdoor stage at loser's w/ james otto and aaron lewis from staind. please go to www.playinforapromise.com to get tickets or just to donate. -db