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Good Night, Sun!

Just now getting time to post. Long night! Truck is unloaded. Cup of coffee going down gently. Eyes finally beginning to want to close just as the sun is wanting to come up. What a party! Now for a shower and some rest. Gotta be back on the road by 10:00 AM again headed North, then West then back home for a while. Need more gigs lined up soon!

Wind, Rain, Salt Air, Private Affairs and Starbucks Coffee

Came down to Charleston, SC for a private function and had a blast! Woke up this morning to moderate winds with horizontal rain which reminded me of the weather in Wyoming when it rains there. Being on the road is for short little hops is not such a bad thing. The motel coffee, on the other hand, sucks the big one! Thank the generous Creator for Starbucks! Headed to Greenville , SC today! The clouds are beginning to break now so it might turn out to be a decent day to travel. Might just have to check out the beach before heading back. Toodles!

The Deal

So here's “The Deal”. I play bass and music is all I do. I have a lot of irons in the fire right now and have found that to help two of these irons along, I need a gig or ten. I do session and live work and have no issues or preferences regarding genre. I play what you pay for. I do both lead and back-up vocals and can also help fill in with some guitar work in an emergency. I could use some help getting a gig or two filling in or a full-time gig with someone. “The Deal” boils down to this. If you need a bassist you can count on, I'm your man. If you know of someone looking for a seasoned bassist then tell them about “...this guy on ReverbNation...” that you know. Thanks oodles! Toodles!

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

Just now getting time to post. Been really busy! So.....

....Yep! If you go after what you want long enough and hard enough, you usually wind up getting it. I got it this past week end!

Papa Nutt In The House

Last night was a throwback to years gone by. I went out to help my buddies, Papa Nutt, play their gig out at a place called 'The House' in Simpsonville, SC. Being a holiday week end, the crowd was a little thinner than any one would have liked but the show was awesome! Donnie (most recently Sound Engineer for Little Texas) was there to help quickly get the audio 'dialed in'. Once he'd gotten that done the band was ready to go. The show started just past 9:30 PM. I did my best to keep the squeaks and squeals to a minimum after Donnie left and make sure every one was heard. I had forgotten how much work running a board can be. It's been a few years since I ran live sound. It was fun and I enjoyed the show. If you're local and you missed Papa Nutt last night, be sure to catch them at their next gig.

Laurie Beach
Laurie Beach  (about 6 years ago)

I agree! They were AWESOME!