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Let Make This Money and Stop Playing

The Industry Is Different Now Labels Don't Have Any Power Anymore

If you haven't noticed by now I create emails in sight for the independent musician. Not to sell them dreams, but to realize that having a career in music can be a reality. No longer do you have to shop for a record deal, These big corporations are looking for whats hot now! They do not care about your life story, the meaning behind your music, or even how talented you are. This is a business and just like any other industry, they only care about money. Can you make money with your music? I know you answered yes, but the tricky question is "Can you prove it?" Record sales, social media stats " Digital Swagger", merchandise, and streaming.( We will get to that later) I talk to alot of artists like yourself who think that releasing mixtapes for free on Datpiff or Live mixtapes, hoping you will get alot of plays and downloads ; you will become a star. Stop dreaming and think realistic. Records aren't selling, CDs died with autotune, How are artists making money? Streaming. Ask yourself how are music lovers listening to music? How are songs getting consumed? through cd players and boom boxes? No. Mobile Devices! Phones and Tablets. At work, at church, school, commuting, people, the ones who actually pay for music, use streaming services.( Spotify, Beats Music, Apple Music, Tidal, etc.) Why buy a bunch of albums when you can pay a very low monthy price and listen to every album in the world? Why not stream your mixtape? (original music only) Why not have your music on itunes, google play, amazon etc. How do you get your music on streaming sites? 3rd party Aggregators like CD Baby or Tunecore. Did you know no matter wherever you song plays you get 1 cent whether its playing on Soundcloud, internet radio, even Youtube. There are even sites like Beatstars that not only take music producers, but also artists. They will distribute your music and collect all your funds too. Soundcloud also monetize artists music now. I can write a book on streaming alone so I will cut it off right here. Stay tuned for more posts.

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This is Why Your Career Not Going Anywhere

Now Followers, No Likes, No Plays? Tips To Get You A Real Following In case you haven't noticed, I write these emails after talking to artists like you who want to know what the missing pieces of the puzzle are. Why they can't get any downloads off dat piff. Or Why they don't have any Facebook fan page likes or soundcloud plays. Most artists don't even know how to make money or get any shows. The key to all of this is one thing " Are You Valuable?" I would like to start off with a little story that everyone knows except its priceless relationship to music. Rumplestilskin According to folklore, he was a ugly, small merchant who had magical powers, for the first born child of a mother, he could weave straw into gold. After the woman had the baby, he would chase her down and take her baby. I know you are asking, "What does this have to do with music?" Now pay close attention; Your music now is straw. When you make a name for yourself and become valuable, your music gets woven into gold. Everything you ever put out is gold, people want it, we like to call all of your old music your " Back Catalog" Actually your old music before you became a star is more valuable than you new music. If you get signed, labels can't touch it. What I am trying to tell you is that until you become valuable, your music isn't worth nothing, if you don't add value to it and give it all out for free, people will treat it like its nothing. Wu-Tang clan sold their new limited edition, one copy of their album for 4.5 million Nipsey Hustle sold his new album for $1000 a copy. Why did people buy them, Value. Marketing will make or break your career. Promotion is art within itself and is the most important part of an artist's project. How do you make yourself valuable? How doe's a drug dealer make money? How does a company stays in business? Fans/clients! Repeat customers! You have to organize your fan base and have them dancing to your tune. How do you do this? Look at the Statistics Below:

Success Type of Fan Aquisition 68% Email Blast 19% Social Media 10% Word Of Mouth/ Reference 3% Dry Calling 1% Spamming/Bots/Fake Plays

These statics were provided by WooRank and are official

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Why Your Mixtape or Album Is Not Selling

Why isn't your mixtape getting noticed? Why isn't your album selling? View this email in your browser Music is not selling?

Ever wondered after all of those long hours in the studio from late nights to early mornings, days of picking beats for your mixtape or album. All of the hard work that you put in making your masterpiece, Paying for the artwork, selling your music on itunes and google play, Trying to get noticed by fans and record labels. It feels like you cannot get nowhere. You are working ahead end job or hustling on the street with dreams of having a career in music. Submitting your music online, no one is responding but scammers. Your lover hounding you about getting a real life and to stop throwing your money down the drain so on and so forth. Well I am going to put a few things in perspective for you. I send you emails according to my conversations with many of my clients who actually want to make it in this industry and are misinformed on how to go about doing this. If you are looking for a record deal in 2015, shoot yourself period! I made a promise to myself that I would never show anyone else how to get into this industry let alone survive it unless I started making money. I spent my first 7 years damn near going broke trying to make it in this industry. Now, I am making between 5k a month doing this music. So musch that my paypal accounts get limited and I have to make numerous calls to support to reverify my same information. This brings me to the Golden Rule: Never take advice from someone who isn't making money! I could go on and on about this, but lets get down to business. In my area, there are alot of local artists who want to get in this game, but won't take it serious, what I mean about serious is investing. The same artists who will go get a pound of weed or even worse spend $300 or some shoes or $3500 on some rims. The only way your career will get serious is if you put money in it! How do you think these artists start getting noticed? Not by luck, not even talent anymore! $$$ but let me stop you right there! You can have all the money in the world, but if you do not know where to invest it, you will still fail! Why do your mixtape/album don't sell? First of all you don't understand what your mixtape/album really is: A product, but most importantly a project. Just like when a new Walmart gets built or adding a new room to your house It takes planning and precision. How are you going to release your project a week after its done? Expecting to cross your fingers an put it on datpiff? Or upload it to CD Baby or Tunecore and people magically buy it? No! What is the most important part of business besides money and relationships; in music I think this is the most critical element: Marketing . There is a difference between sharing and marketing (promotion). Sharing is posting to twitter, fb, instagram " Check this out" or " Download This" How many people check out or download your music? Is your Brand developed fully? (will address that later) Your need to have your Brand fully developed and is a critical part of marketing! Pay attention to commercials, albums before they release, movies before they drop, even the new Arbys sandwich "We have the Meats". Marketing will single handedly make or break your career. Develop your Business Plan. Know how much your Marketing Strategy is going to cost, save up, and execute. For my clients, I like to promote their projects 90-120 days until release, set their albums up with pre-release dates on CD Baby with the dream of being randomly selected as a feature artist on itunes, google play, or your favorite streaming service. Treat Your Album like planning to " rob a bank" (hypothetically speaking). Take more time on your project planning than creating your actual album! Make sure the quality and sound of your music is professional. Everyone cannot engineer, produce, and sell music. If you don't have no one you know,

How to Make It In Todays Industry- Free Beats

The thing about it is, how do you make it in today's music industry? Well you have to understand that this business evolves every year and the market strategy steady changes along with it. You have to create marketing formulas and steady test them to choose which ones are effective. If you are an artist and you think that you can record a couple of hot songs and people will flood your website or shelves for your product, wrong! You have to be built for this music industry. I am 30 years old, It took me 14 years to develop the type of knowledge that I have for this industry and to formulate a plan that will take my skills to the top. I know what I have to do as a music producer who makes "free beats to download, or you can buy beats online." ( for seo purposes, sorry) But you have to understand what drives a regular artist to being a superstar. Ask yourself that, FANS! You have to aquire a fan base that will speak for you and support your music and what you stand for. That turns into a movement! You have to know how to use push and pull marketing effectively to create mass fan bases that are steadily growing and will generate revenue for you and your band. In the 2013 music industry there are only three types of bands 1. Pack- This is you, you aren't making any money, and you are with the rest of the wannabes. 2. Findie - You make just enough money to make a living off this music and to invest back in it. 3.RLR (Record Label Ready)- You are making close to 100k and have thousands of fans and labels are in bidding wars to get you. So, you must establish yourself independently first before you can think about being signed to a label. Most artists marketing methods are trapped in 09-10 which means they are all null and void. The game is steadily changing, so research is a must. I would advice starting your own indie label and build your foundation like that until you are RLR. I do artist consulting and promotion management, so if you have questions, don't hesitate to get at me! http://www.itsmeheadboy.com

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"Be Fearless!"

It takes it to make it

If u are an artist and u want to really mae it in this industry, it ain't what u know, or even who u know. Its how u know. You have to hone your marketing as well as your craft. To be honest, alot of you won't make it in this industry, and if you are lucky and u make it, you wont stay. DO research! Take it a song at a time, you have to make music for the people, not for yourself. You can get a record deal iwithout leaving your cpu if you know what u are doing! I remember back in the day you had to post flyers,meet people but now the net holds the ke! The key to makin it is getting fans. So get as many loyal fans as you can. Then the labels will come to you! Http://www.itsmeheadboy.comc