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How to Make It In Todays Industry- Free Beats

The thing about it is, how do you make it in today's music industry? Well you have to understand that this business evolves every year and the market strategy steady changes along with it. You have to create marketing formulas and steady test them to choose which ones are effective. If you are an artist and you think that you can record a couple of hot songs and people will flood your website or shelves for your product, wrong! You have to be built for this music industry. I am 30 years old, It took me 14 years to develop the type of knowledge that I have for this industry and to formulate a plan that will take my skills to the top. I know what I have to do as a music producer who makes "free beats to download, or you can buy beats online." ( for seo purposes, sorry) But you have to understand what drives a regular artist to being a superstar. Ask yourself that, FANS! You have to aquire a fan base that will speak for you and support your music and what you stand for. That turns into a movement! You have to know how to use push and pull marketing effectively to create mass fan bases that are steadily growing and will generate revenue for you and your band. In the 2013 music industry there are only three types of bands 1. Pack- This is you, you aren't making any money, and you are with the rest of the wannabes. 2. Findie - You make just enough money to make a living off this music and to invest back in it. 3.RLR (Record Label Ready)- You are making close to 100k and have thousands of fans and labels are in bidding wars to get you. So, you must establish yourself independently first before you can think about being signed to a label. Most artists marketing methods are trapped in 09-10 which means they are all null and void. The game is steadily changing, so research is a must. I would advice starting your own indie label and build your foundation like that until you are RLR. I do artist consulting and promotion management, so if you have questions, don't hesitate to get at me! http://www.itsmeheadboy.com

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"Be Fearless!"

It takes it to make it

If u are an artist and u want to really mae it in this industry, it ain't what u know, or even who u know. Its how u know. You have to hone your marketing as well as your craft. To be honest, alot of you won't make it in this industry, and if you are lucky and u make it, you wont stay. DO research! Take it a song at a time, you have to make music for the people, not for yourself. You can get a record deal iwithout leaving your cpu if you know what u are doing! I remember back in the day you had to post flyers,meet people but now the net holds the ke! The key to makin it is getting fans. So get as many loyal fans as you can. Then the labels will come to you! Http://www.itsmeheadboy.comc