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Re: Howdy Pardners!

Hi new friend fans! Thank you so much for takin a few more of my new born CD Babies home with you. This is such an exciting new adventure to me. I may be a bit annoying with my enthusiasm, and it's kind of like, when you discover something amazing you want to share! I found my mountain top, and it makes me smile. I am told it's makin you smile too. I don't know about you, but I can live with a smile pasted, a 'real one' on my face. So at the risk of sounding a bit nutty, I got plenty of smiles to share. I am lovin' you guys. Thanks so much for joining in. Hey, I have run into a few great musicians that are talkin about puttin a band together. A show band of course, this could be a lot of fun!! Cool! So, stay tuned music fans. We got lots more comin' at ya. Hey, I am just gettin to know a few of you, and YOU ROCK! remember, please feel free to contact me, and join the fan site Dee Dee Fisher, I wanna know who you are and what kinda stuff you are all about. Like, What's YOUR dream!? 3 Lovin on ya!! C U soon, again. Dee Dee

New CD, New Friends!!!!!

Rockin!! Man this is so cool!!! I am so grateful. I see you guys out there and all this is so overwhelming in all GOOD ways of course. I am having trouble navigating around here, but here I am, I found my way back again...Now if I can just remember how to get here next time. ahaha I look forward to get to know what you're all about. Thank you so much for your support. Remember if you like my music, be sure to tell your friends to take me home with 'em too. Cause I sure like makin' music I want to do this for the rest of my life, there are some amazing things I have in mind, as part of my giving back. And of course I need your love, 'you', the elite squad who has shown up first to help make this a success. I call you glue people, 'Foundation. And I need your supreme cheerleading skills!!! So let me hear ya...Come on take D-E-E D-E-E's new Cd Baby, home to rock you ya!!! Whoo hoo!! Check me out at my personal music site www.deedeesenterprises.com. And if you want to know about other dimensions of me check out my personal site, Body Mind, Spirit. www.dianelorraienefisher.com God Bless all you guys out there. See ya again, real soon. I just finished a couple of new songs, and will be working on a vid for one soon...Prayerfully...there is so much to do! YEAH!!!! B C U gtrs ltr. Dee Dee

Dee Dee's Rockin!!!! Songwriter's Idol At Deltona Inn

Hi everyone.

I am still learning how to do this. I think I screwed up the attendance part, forgot to put numbers.....says zero...ooops.

Ahahaha. The learning curve is givin me whiplash. I see you guys out there, but I haven't figured out how to get to ya personal!! So, check out me site, www.deedeesenterprises.com and let me know you stopped in and get on my fan site, Dee Dee Fisher.We can chat it up there too!

Soo, the reason for my writing, to share the show details.

It Rocked!! A Full house!

Adrian was an awesome host!! The talent was amazing! The judges were great! I got a 8-8-7! The judges said, they really weren't country music fans, but they loved my song!! Whoo hoo!! It was a blast! I love the stage, and hangin with my new friends, and BFF, after hour party, was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a rockin new outfit, which is a total blast, to create this whole new image. 180 degree from my conservative girl, to rockin' country music chicklet! Well, I can pretend I am a chicklet. It is show biz! ahahaa.

SO, I got more pics, and vid when I can finally get them on. Gonna make that my next project, hopefully get at least a few of em on by Monday!

Lovin' on you guys! Thanks for your support and shares that warm my soul! You guys rock!!!

Lookin forward to seein you again soon...

Oh yea....I know there is a CD out there ready to get on music sites, any day now. That is gonna be so amazing too. We gonna Cele...brate!

See you again real soon!

Hi new friends!!!

Hi everyone Welcome! Great to see you! As you know I am new here.I have barely a clue how to use the stuff here on this site, so this seemed easy enough. So for now, until I am able to hook up with ya, and say howdy personal, thought I'd say howdy here. This is so cool!!! I am lovin' makin' music, and I have met the most amazing people on these venue. Facebook, myspace, and new friends on my new site, and navigating on the social sites. I still don't know how to tweet. So, for you guys out there..I'll tweet to ya here. Tweet!! ahahhaa. Hey, dew drop in to my personal site too. www.deedeesenterprises.com and got a new fan site rockin soon as Cd release, any day now. Come on down, join the fun, and let's grow music together. Love to get to know you. You Rock!!! God bless ya'll in massive ways! signin out fer now... Dee Dee