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North Carolina’s hip-hop trio “TheThyrday” (pronounced the-thurd-day) is back in the studio and back on the grind. “TheThyrday” consist of Mcees “K.Slack”, “Killa K” and “J Gunn”. Well known for their classic project titled “The Perfection Experiment 2” (PX2) which featured production by 9th Wonder, K.Slack and Khyrsis. This time hooking up with record producer “Centric” and R&B vocalist “D Goode” The joint is called “Escape” and will be included on Centric’s up and coming compilation titled “The Alter Ego”. The song discusses the feeling of escaping when life takes it toll, something we all can relate to. Also a “Thyrday” reunion project titled “PX3 The Renaissance Theory” is in the works. Download “Escape Feat.D Goode (Produced by Centric) – Radio Edit http://www.sohh.com/jump/index.php?goto=http://www.sendspace.com/file/3ygjcd Download “The Perfection Experiment 2” http://www.sohh.com/jump/index.php?goto=http://www.sendspace.com/file/3iqru0 MySpace K.Slack:www.myspace.com/kslackontheboards J.Gunn:www.myspace.com/jgunnmusic D Goode:www.myspace.com/dbgoode Twitter J.Gunn:Jgunnisbetter Killa K:killak3d K.Slack:kslackmusic D Goode:DGOODEMUSIC Centric:Centric510 CENTRIC – http://www.sohh.com/jump/index.php?goto=http://www.freeatlastmusic.com/ http://community.sohh.com/entry/6a0133ec3e9d70970b01310fe4de64970c

Young Rowdy – White Boy (Prod. K Slack)

The homie K. Slack produced something new from Young Rowdy. I wasn’t familiar with this artist ….. but I am now. I’m feeling this track. The hook is catchy as hell and of course production wise, the beat is on point. Take a listen for yourself. http://corprahlanfrey.wordpress.com/2010/02/03/young-rowdy-white-boy-prod-k-slack/


Wow, it’s been a minute since I did a Throwback post. I’ve been meaning to toss up this gem from the homey K. Slack for weeks and I finally got a free minute so here goes. You may remember Slack from his work alongside J. Gunn and Killa K as part of TheThyrDay, a really dope group from North Carolina. While they did release one (classic) album, Perfection Xperiment 2, unfortunately they broke up shortly afterwards and moved on to solo projects. Slack and Gunn have actually linked up recently for a few tracks, so I’m hoping we’ll get to see some sort of 3D reunion, at least between those two. Before their album came out, Slack posted up a few of his solo tracks on Okayplayer and I remember stumbling upon that post and being blown away. I think this was fall of 2002 and I was in my first semester of junior year at college. This track, “broKen AnJel,” was produced by 9th Wonder and Khrysis (the beat is split in two) and it has that vintage Justus League sound. The market has been flooded with those kind of beats since Little Brother blew up, but I’ll always look back fondly on 9th and Khrysis’ early work. They definitely inspired a million copycats. If I remember correctly, Slack wrote this track to his girl at the time and all the lyrics were heartfelt and truthful to the situation he was in. Part of the reason why I fell in love with the track is that I could apply almost the entire thing to the relationship I was in as well. “Seasons change, mad things rearrange,” and my girl and I broke up after a few years but I think we always hold on to certain songs because of the memories we attach to ‘em. This is definitely one of those joints for me. K. Slack – “broKen AnJel” http://www.theaudacityofdope.com/2008/09/21/throwback-k-slack-broken-anjel/