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'Peace Love Dogs' Growl Back to Life June 1 at the Precinct in Somerville

As they've been threatening for months, Peace Love Dogs, one of the Boston area's premiere post-punk bands of the early '90s, has secured its launching pad for its 20th reunion boondoggle. The so-called "deadhead-industrial-rap" quintet kicks off its Doggy Style 2012 tour at the Precinct in Union Square, bitchin' Somerville, on Friday, June 1, 2012 at 8pm.

When asked if Peace Love Dogs was ready for its first show in more than two decades, drummer extraordinaire Tim D. Kane didn't hesitate: "We're going to hump Union Square's leg," the percussionist proclaimed.

Also on the bill are Boston-area stalwarts The Sinbusters, OTP, Old Hat and Little War Twins. A quick online perusal of the websites for all these bands promises a night of musical delight and debauchery in a must-see summer kick-off concert.

Doors open at 7:30 for this 21+ show, and there's a $10 cover charge, but hell, with five bands for the price of one, that's about $2/band, if we've done our math right.

Peace Love Dogs is Mad Brad (vocals, guitar, effects, ephemera), Jeff "Guitar-Playing Virgin" MacLean (guitar, white boy funk) and Eric "The Viking" Hellweg (guitar, mojo lead), all grounded by the killer rhythm section of Tim D. on drums and Ed "Eat Drink & Be" Murray on bass.

Songs, videos, photos, a full bio and upcoming shows can be found at: www.reverbnation.com/peacelovedogs

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Love Dogs Give Peace a Chance with Name Change, Summer Reunion Tour Announcement

Piece. Piece of cake. Pieces of eight. Piece of art. Peace out. All we are saying is give peace a chance. (Lennon) Peace, love and understanding. (Costello) Peace, Love, Dope. (James Earl Jones) Peace Love Dogs.

For Immediate Release - Simsbury, CT. Time to face facts: that raucous early '90s-era Fitchburg-based deadhead-industrial-rap band you've all come to know and love or hate, the Love Dogs, were horrified to learn that in their prolonged 20-year absence, another Boston-area band has since laid claim to their nom de guerre. Normally, this would mean war!

But in all honesty, and after doing a little research, those "other" Love Dogs — a so-called Swingin' Rockin' Rhythm & Blues band also based in the greater Boston area — has been around and been at it longer. We were probably just too blissed out on our own awesomeness to realize it at the time.

And, since Mad Brad Eisenhaure, Tim D. Kane, Ed "Eat Drink & Be" Murray, Jeff "Guitar-Playing Virgin" MacLean and Eric "Guitar Viking" Hellweg have always been more about making love, not war, we decided, for the first time in our musical life, to take the high road. A name change was in order. BUT ONLY SLIGHTLY. Paraphrasing James Earl Jones immortal quote in "Field of Dreams," we are now and forevermore known as:


Even better, this new-old quintet has been hard at work in the rehearsal laboratory, brushing the cobwebs off of some of their classic hits such as "Say No (To Saying No)", "Any More," "E-Time" and "Gut Rocker" — as well as writing and/or reworking new material that's sure to delight as well as offend discerning music lovers as well as club owners, booking agents and the general public. Not to mention continuing to be an ongoing source of embarrassment to their families. C'est la vie, eh?

And rather than being just another exercise in musical naval-gazing, Peace Love Dogs is taking their three-chord schtick on the road this summer. That's right, boys and girls, tell all your friends (REAL friends, not all those losers you poke, like or follow on the so-called social networks): Peace Love Dogs are coming to a town near you sometime between Memorial Day and Labor Day (and by "town near you" we mean Boston).

Actual dates will be announced shortly, of course.

But otherwise, it's on like Donkey Kong, brothers and sisters. Get ready.