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Re Talvin Singh

Hi all. This is my first blog entry .. This is a/b Talvin Singh . Talvin is a great music producer and composer , born in the UK... He is also a tabla player extradonaire..... He won a Mercury Music award in 1999 for his debut album OK... He has also won the Asian Music Award for commitment to the genre of Sian electronica techno .

His music is a combination of pulsating drum sounds west and east traditional beats,,ambient sound scape arrangements,,vocal harmonies in a traditional Asian language , and other exotic sounding instruments and synth patches.

Talvin puts this all together in a cohesive music statement that is very engaging , fresh and emotional

His track "OK " starts out w/ exotic tabla drum beats .An underlying Asian vocal motif enters to add to the song . The underlying drum riff is a blend of hip hop, chill, and traditional eastern rhytmn .at a/b 2 minutes in the song takes on a soothing chill atmosphere w/ an haunting feel. and transcends back into the sizzling beat, The song culminates in a blend of vocal harmonies ,,,tabla beats,,and other unidentifiable sound patterns...All in all a combination of the best of the east and the west all cohesively hanging together

On the composition "Traveller" circ 1999 this artist utilizes a totally different approach .The piece starts out with strings playing an exotic melody . THe tempo is slow and somewhat melonchaly.The strings are lush. They are soon joined by a chill type drum beat which helps set the mood of the song. The lead melody is taken over by what sounds like a cross between a violin and clarinet...very effectively used. One conjures up the image of Eastern Europe,,,the Far East,,,and smooth chill jazz feel all simultaneously.. A reurring lush three part string harmony commences . Also what sounds like an underlying vocal parts serve as a sythn tpe patch to add to the depth of this song. About halfway thru a smooth keyboard solo emerges and just takes the song to a differnt level. One would not know that the same composer created these compositions..They are so divergent in style and substance. Talvin is still very active today ....and several of his compositions can be heard on You tube..He also has his own website ands is a member of MYSpace Music He is well worth a listen to those who like good music that is not run of the mill Peace to all

AMbient music and other experimental

Hi all. I am introducing my new blog.My mission is to get as much info out a/b ambient and experimental artist out to anyone who is willing to listen , In the near future I will be posting info a/b various artist who create this type of music , Peace