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Onwards and upwards...

Getting back in the groove again - started with a playful little homage to the Rosetta Mission successfully landing a probe on comet 67P - Level Up - things just got cooler :)

Enceladus is here...

To celebrate the release of the album Su Baktun you can download the bonus track Enceladus right now. Complimenting Saturn's enigmatic moon, the track begins appearing icey and cold but ramps up into an orchestral frenzy before calming to end drifting back into quietness. Grab a copy, enjoy :)

Third album almost complete

Su Baktun - a journey that takes us from the launchpad to the far reaches of the galaxy - is in the final stages of production. Close your eyes and this collection of out of this world ambient tracks will take you far away from the diversions of a busy world to the inner peace of the expanses of space.

Second album 'on the shelves'

Just a quick reminder that the second album, Succession, is on the shelves in all good online stores - grab a copy here - http://www.amazon.com/Succession/dp/B008B9Z5SY/ref=sr_shvl_album_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1358871077&sr=301-1

Jophiel's Requiem

The last track for the second album is complete - presenting Jophiel's Requiem. I wanted something supremely serene and moving and think this hits the spot. Piano lead with string and bass accompaniment shifts the listener through a journey of meditative calm.

Getting close

New preview track is uploaded - Nebula - a chilled classic from the edges of the galaxy that soothes to the core!

Two more tracks are also complete and the album is in its last stages of preparation :D

38 and Picnic

Two more tracks for the forthcoming Succession album are up for preview! 38, an evolving piece combining various elements with a shifting character. Picnic evokes memories of lazy afteroons in the sun dreaming the time away. Enjoy!


Latest track for the forthcoming Succession album is out for preview - Amazon. It's been another busy year but Inspiration for this track came in the blink of eye. Enjoy the spacial piano melodies, gentle guitar and persussive rythms with a backdrop of a tropical rainforest storm...

Lady Isabella...

Latest track destined for the Succession album is up - Isabella. Back to grass routes with this effort; rythmic combination of evolving pads, rolling bass and simple beats are accompanied by atmospheric strings and choral elements setting the tone for the opposing piano lead. This track cunjours images of days gone by with haunting overtones. Succession itself is coming along and should be ready for release in spring '11 :)

Mission accomplished!

After a busy summer away from the music I've finally finished Mission. The track includes Kennedy's famous speach at Rice University in '62 with haunting choral and vocal backing, spacious percussion and the throb of unearthly sub. Kick back and take in the tranquility :)