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Fall On Purpose hits the decade mark

Fall on Purpose turned 10 years old this Month of July 2011, Its crazy to think time can travel so fast. We have experienced all kinds of highs and lows, with a lot of growing pains and some awesome friends along the way, Fall on Purpose is a real band, not some cooperate paste together cut ups, We have played so many times for little or no money, its never been about that for us, FOP is about the spectacle of spontaneity, We have always been an improv band, sometimes it works, sometimes not, but u got to take that risk to create something different and special. Now we r trying to contain all that sound in the studio, a very long tedious process but it's worth it. People have all kinds of opinions of Fall on Purpose, but not everybody gets it yet, sound people look like deers in the head lights when they see all of us, many don't know how to run sound for a band like us, but when they get it right,!! We can light up the city!!!

Fall on Purpose being from St Pete explains our sound if you've ever been here, We are a very diverse city of Art and culture with every type of band coming through here, Unlike Nashville where u might get country, country, and country rock walkin down their central ave, here u will see Jazz, Punk Rock, Indie, reggae, jam band, folk, hip hop, I mean.. I've seen Everything in the burg, we r like a mini NY city meets LA with a Fl twist. "I personally think St Pete is the Artistic Heart of Fl.." M.B So, anyways. Our music is the same way but without the walls of Genre. In fact we like to display how many genres we can mix together., and Live sometimes Matt (like Jame Brown) will call a genre to go to, and we switch on the next beat.