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Looking forward to 2012 / new album / fopTV

Big plans for 2012 Fop intends to release a follow up album to ” the next 3 miles” called ” smell my finger” that will contain b-sides from the previous album, alt mixes feat different soloist, some covers, and a few new tracks, Matthew Bistok has been working non stop on making fallonpurposetv a reality, he has met with several people about the project and is currently looking for investors. FopTV is a comedy based reality show that follows the band on a 33 day musical journey flying out of L.A. To japan through china to a 15 day adventure around Europe, different country/performance everynite, fly out of spain back to Tampa Bay The show will follow the interactions between bandmates and encounters will locals while traveling to perform in little bars to large venues, to a major music festival, The show will also include comedy skits, and anamation, Matt will also host and serve as narattor to inform the audience about local facts, example; bands who traveled through that town in their early days, food / drink specialties, and art/entertainment thats known in that area, while interviewing artists and jaming with other musicians, and understanding their backgrounds and choice of instruments.

2011 was a pretty good year

Fall on Purpose accomplished many things this year, we opened for Ziggy Marley, and George Clinton. We finished and released our newest album "NeXt 3 Miles", We added some great new people to the family, FOP also headlined in Washington D.C. for the opening of Occupy D.C. at Freedom Square. We also participated in a now annual Toys for tots show that gathered many toys for the less fortunate , 2012 brings a lot of excitement for us, we have a new album to support and plan on traveling the world while making friends, and r working on fallonpurposetv being a reality. thx for ur support, sincerely, DeeR Kat

”Next 3 mi” the new album by fall on purpose is finished

”Next 3 mi” the new album by fall on purpose is finished, after more than 3 years writing, and a year and a half in the studio, fall on purpose has finished their follow up album to ” fopadelic deerland” the new album features instruments that were not on the first 2 albums, violin , bass cello, clarinet, tuba, and other surprises. 12/13/11 is the planned release date, please look for it on itunes and help support us thank you

Frustrations balancing a day job while being a full time artist

I can't help but look to the days when I can just concentrate on creating my art, allthough work in some ways has been an inspiration, I find it really starting to burn me out, in the transition from being someone on stage in front of an audience, playing music that I love, and being ocasionally complimented on it, then going back 2 wearing a uniform, being told to shave my facial hair, and fit a cookie cutter mold that is only a shell of who I am, and of course running into the occasional person that's all high and mighty acting as if I'm nothing more than a delivery boy, it insults all the hard work I have done, and many people don't give me any credit until they hear me play, I'm not trying to take anything away from my job, and I realize I should be happy to have 1, and I am, its helped me provide for myself and my family, however be n late on bills and short on money, while im feeling like I'm working around the clock, spinning my wheels, is getting to me like a hamster on his wheel over caffeinated,.. I know it's not an overnight thing, its ur life work that is important, I just hope something changes so I can put the proper time into my art I need, I feel perhaps it maybe after the release of our new fall on purpose album, we may get the recognition we need, to help get us out there in front of the eyes and ears of the world,, if you read this and would like to help, please purchase some of our music on itunes, or amazon, or cd baby, you can shop around and get a better price,.?? also share your favorite fall on purpose videos to facebook,.. thanks for letting me vent, gotta go to bed gotta go to work..

Trip to D.C. Reflections

I keep thinking about the dc trip, it was an amazing time and experience ,it's really interesting what the people at the rally have to say, many people are the voices of repression and suffering, they bring it into light how we are the 99 percent, I personally believe that we can make a better world, better schools , better education systems, more access to technology, everybody's fighting and killing over fake money, we print it up and pretend its worth something like kids playing house, credit cards and atm's are proof that it exists only in our mind, I'm not sure why the poorest of people can't be taken care of, there is a shortage of jobs do 2 technological breakthroughs, machines do our jobs, it won't be long before anything that can be replaced by robots will be replaced by robots, that can be a good thing but, where does that leave the lower middle class, I personally think they should lower the retirement age to 55, life is short and this can open up opportunities for young people to work, while allowing ourselves some time to enjoy life, social security is a great thing, however it's very hard for elderly people to live, it seems like some of these put politicians just wanna throw them on street, I believe in a better world with better living conditions, clean water, driving towards all forms of clean energy, oh,!! the things we could do??!? , we could create the future, we have to in order for the survival of the human race,, DeeR Kat

Multi-genre or mixed genre, genre of fall on purpose

Multi-genre or mixed-genre is the genre of music fall on purpose classifies their genre of music genre, multi-Genre or mixed genre implies that at least 3 or more music genres will be mixed together throughout their catalog of songs, fallonpurpose is a band that in some songs they may sample up too 10 genres of music in an attempt to b the multi genre / mixed genre kings of the world, however there are several other multi genre mixed genre bands out their, but not many use the genre of multi-genre music, fall on purpose and matt bistok hope itunes and others add multi genre or mixed genre in their search engines, because it allows artists to create whatever type of music they want, and it appears that many new band are not following traditional music genres, they r outside the box, muti genre or mixed genre will b the future of new music, and fall on purpose will hang 10 on that wave

Fall on purpose working hard

Fall on purpose and spent the last few weeks finishing recording the last instruments on the new album, we are in the final stages of post production editing and mix down, we hope to have everything ready for our 11/22/11 release date.. ” the neXt 3 mi” started being recorded in july 2010, with the first song ”oil in the water” & and then went on to record ”skyway crossing” for the independent film titled,, ”skyway down”a documentry about skyway jumpers.. it won best film in florida.. fall on purpose officially went into the studio 10/ 19/ 10, and started recording the remaining tracks on the new album. we have spent more time on this then we have on anything else we have recorded, we have added a lot of new instruments, including violin, latin percussion, base chello, several new horns including saxophone, clarinet, tuba and many other things, including featuring black zeppa,. we really hope you purchase and enjoy on itunes or amazon.com, and many other music download sites

Fall on Purpose
Fall on Purpose  (over 6 years ago)

tonight we are rehearsing the horn section, to get them ready for the gig opening 4 rise of saturn at gasoline alley this saturday september 24th 2011,
possible guest appearance from shadcore

8/17/11 1:35 1:53

Glad to have finished 2 more songs. ” listen” & ”tuba time” new album # neXt 3 mi# out on 11/11/11. .17 new songs. Multi-Genre MaddNeSs .. Matthew Bistok with Black Zeppa & Fall on Purpose

13 & a full moon

Tonite was fun, boyz nite out, stink & punk rock was the theme.. A new moon ahead for fop.. New album on the way. Weve been work n it around the clock. And I just shot new interview footage. 2:22

History of Fall on Purpose

Our fearless leader Matthew Bistok or Matt Th DeeR Kat or Man in Brown http://youtu.be/g58lPUy04VU grew up wanting to be Mike Patton , Axl Rose and Slash at the same time,. (probably y he's Crazy) anyways, It all started when Matt was in the 7th grade, He got a guitar for Christmas when he was 12 and started to teach himself by writing songs, he would write hundreds of riffs and lyrics,He would try to form bands, teach friends how to play in an attempt to make them be band members. Later when he got into High School he helped form a band called attica, He played guitar and did backing vocals with them from the time he was 15 till he was 20, After a big argument at band practice about the group cancelling some tour dates, Matt left and went on his own, He fronted (vocals only) a group called Broken Man that later became the Polka Cowboyz , At 24 Matt was starting to feel discouraged because he couldn't find people reliable with the same work ethic and vision, Plus the desire to maybe be famous if things worked out. ( Who Knows Right..??)

On the same cosmic Sunday, a day after the day Matt thought he was gonna quit playing music for good. a drummer Anthony Russ (ADOG) and bass player Christian Orlando (Skunk) both called Matt wanting to jam, They formed a group (Grass Hopper) that would become Fall on Purpose when Skunk left. From the beginning they wanted to have a trumpet player to play ring of fire, while out scouting the heard Jim Morey playing with Buster Cooper, Jim joined and FOP started booking gigs with really on about 25 min of songs, but the group could improvise for hours, After a few months Fall on Purpose had a lot of songs, Jim went to NY for soul searching while Matthew and Adog went back to school for music SPC. While there the band started adding an auditioning any and every type of musician. FOP started hosting an open mic jam at fortunotos pizza, The got a best of the Bay ward from creative loafing, One day a young Black teenager walks in and starts beat boxing, he blew everybody away, and latter joined the band as Black Zeppa.

The group found their bassest Jen Medina ( Funky Funkarella) and trombone player Linda Hines ( Lovely Linda). I was really impressed by those 2, I was walking and I said to myself Damn, who is playing bass, I look over and this tiny girl is playing the bass like a rhino, the i see Linda play trumpet and trombone and she kicks ass,.

But they didn't join the group till after Fall on Purposes first big show at the Ritz Ybor opening for Sublimes bassest Eric Wilson, {" I wanna b a Punk Rocker!!! "} http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiNV-2bpNJ4&feature=related

After that show, Matt worked on a making a final band line up for the studio, they added Mark Cunningham (Marco Pollo) on Keyboards and headed to Zen Studios to record "Welcome to Deerland" a 9 song Cd that covered St Pete.Broken Man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-u8aOE_Z2w&feature=related. The group got to play BBQ fest in Pinellas Park that featured Grand Funk Railroad, War and Night Ranger (matt's favorite band in kindergarten ) Tom Nestor saw them and helped Matt Fulfill a dream of opening for George Clinton .http://youtu.be/wuLR-pX473I or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuLR-pX473I&playnext=1&list=PLC4D5BB550878D3CB

The band went into the studio and cut Fopadelic. Bycycle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWTJd5Gi56g&feature=related

Everybody went their separate ways for a while, Matt went into acting and making youtube music videos while becoming a dad of a little girl. He released Fopadelic Deerland on Itunes

Fall on Purposes next big gig was Sister Hazel, thats where Matt reunited with olg high school friend and guitar player Mark Patterson ( Merky Murk)

Fop released Fopadelic Deerland on Itunes

The band since has added and is still adding members to make it the biggest sound in the World!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Album 11-11-2011