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Jackn Bones / Blog

Charting National

After getting to number 1 in the Brighton area for the fourth time I have noticed that my national Reverb Nation chart rank for alternative artists is Number 7! I am now being offered promotion by EMR Recording and Management and Reverb Nation tell me my track 'Rebel With A Cause' has serious industry potential. I have recently had tracks aired by on the radio by Mark Whitby of Dandelion Radio (amongst others) and all is well in the land of Jackn Bones!

New Collaborations

After having one of our tunes played on BBC radio Sussex I decided to continue collaborating with 'Arry Dirt on a new tune called 'Feel The Music', the story goes, basically, Harry rings me and says '...I want a sell out tune!?' so I say '...You wanna sell out tune mate, i'll give you a sell out tune!' and 'Feel The Music' was born. Don't get me wrong, I love some pop music (prodigy in mind), but I get sick of all that corny dance stuff, you know! So I knocked up this drum loop made fromsingle hit drum samples from Fools Gold by the Stone Roses and it worked, I added this guitar riff i've been playing with and it sounded great so I ring Harry again... 'You're gonna love this new tune i'm working on mate......'

Indaba Music Part 1


It has come to my attention that the artist known as Upanishad Project, has been infringing upon copyright laws by sampling large loops and sections from other peoples work without express permission from the copyright claimant, the artist known as Jackn Bones was illegally penalized and disallowed from using his Indaba profile for complaining about Upanishad projects illegal, copyright infringing, unoriginal looped sample in a spoof version of the song known as ‘song 8’. Not only was the song in question a whole entire ‘rip’ from an old well known reggae classic but the artist known as Upanishad project have then taken it upon themselves to ‘murder’ this old classic with the most awful wannabe Indian guru singing you have ever heard.[less]

Indaba Music Part 2

As a result of uploading the spoof version of song 8, the artist known as Jackn Bones was immediately called into the indaba chat room by one of indaba's content managers, where he was then subjected to ridiculous accusations regarding the content of the spoof version of song 8 containing alleged racist slander and it should be known that this accusation is entirely false and that the reality of the content of this material is precisely contrary to the accusation of racist slander in every way, the content of the spoof version of song 8 is actually in DEFENCE of the original afro-carribean reggae artists to whom the copyright originally belongs and it should be known that the original artist would no doubt be extremely offended by this terrible aberration of their original reggae material.[less]

Indaba Music Part 3

he artist known as Jackn Bones was also chastised by Indaba musics content manager purely for messaging other Indaba music users and it should be known that it is entirely necessary for Indaba music users to message other Indaba music users in order to pursue collaborative projects or promote their work and that the terms of use does not clearly define which messages are actually ‘spam’ (i.e. a message you didn’t ask for or want) and which messages are not, this basically means that the indaba content managers can unfairly and ILLEGALLY penalize anyone they wish, simply for sending a message to another Indaba user, even if that message is not slanderous and is actually WANTED by the receiver and that the Indaba content managers unfairly and ILLEGALLY label certain messages as ‘spam’ purely because they are off the OPINION that the message is of a sensitive or controversial nature even if it is not, this means that the Indaba content managers CAN if they see fit revoke access to your profile out of nothing other than a dislike, prejudice or even jealousy for your creative material and words. It should also be known that the Indaba music content manager in question is in fact guilty of threatening language towards Jackn Bones for using the words “do not fuck with us at indaba” or words to that effect.[less][less]

Indaba Music Blunder Part 4

Then of course we have the small matter of their being no slanderous remarks towards Upanishad Project contained within the spoof upload of 'song 8', the lyrics in the spoof version of 'song 8' merely highlight the injustice and unoriginality of so called 'artists' who use long looped samples of other peoples originally concieved creative works and it should be no surprise that artists who actually do make their music from scratch using their own ideas find this work-method offensive and unoriginal. If An individual’s right to his or her original, creative content is really important to Indaba then why reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or delete portions of the Terms of Use at any time without notice? The explanation is that Indaba music have carefully covered themselves for the event of theft of intellectual property by indaba music staff from indaba music clients and that the aforementioned sections of the terms of use are subtly contrary for the purpose of misleading indaba clients into thinking their intellectual property is safe from plagiarists when it is actually, technically, according to the terms of use, not safe. Remarks deemed 'slanderous' are only so if the person slandered HASN'T given express permission and it may be that the remarks are simply a publicity stunt deliberately created to promote the artists work.[less]

Indaba Music Blunder Part 5

The word 'sting' is a commonly used english word and is therefore as good as public domain and can be said legally by anyone, any misgivings or complaints about the context of the usage of the word 'sting' are open to interpretation and in this particular instance, the words usage is nothing more than psychadelic, as is often the case with creative material of a comical, musical and poetic nature. Perhaps the Indaba music content manger in question should've thought twice before he illegally revoked access to my profile, used threatening language towards me and accused me of slanderous remarks, failing miserably to disguise his envy towards my superior musical talents as a legitimate claim of misconduct. Indaba music are now fairly warned that I shall be pursueing legal action against them with my totally seamless case. It should also be known that the artist known as Jackn Bones has retained all of the intellectual property pertaining to his musical creations uploaded to indaba, in the form of timed and dated WAV files, signed and dated Stave scores, signed and dated written notes, revised instrumental performances, signed and dated lyrics sheets and so on, all of the intellectual property mentioned has been carefully interwoven so as to match up in terms of dates signatures, handwriting and the ability to actually play ALL of the songs in question properly, all of the intellectual property mentioned is thoroughly testable by accepted scientific methods such as the polygraph test, vocal waveform analysis and so on.

Yours most sincerely

Ben Jackson (a.k.a. Jackn Bones)

P.s. Stick it phonies.