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The Beginning Pt.1

I am visiting the city where our hip hop journey began,Phoenix,Az.Its funny to think the reason i started rappin was because of the groupie love.Thanks to local tuscon rapper ,Big Shug & the local phoenician rap group D-30 Ice.Me and my homeboy from Richmond,Ca Teddy aka Treble Rocc Tee teamed up in '88-'89.Treble Rocc got the name because of his radio like style of beat boxin'.It was the illest s%#! i ever heard.We started out house dancing at the time for D-30 Ice.It was like watchin' NWA with dancers...Teddy was known as Step-1 and i was known as Step-2...Lol.You can actually catch us on a Mtv Video tribute to a decade of rap called Rap Mania,held in 1990 @ the Hollywood Palace in Los Angeles.After my dancing debut me & Treb Rocc started a rap group called S.W.A.T. aka Supremely Wise And Treacherous.We met up wit a white cat,who was either from New york or Florida, named Dj Chaos.The dude was ridiculous wit the cuts and nasty with the beats.we all went to the same high school(Dobson High) and we rocked every house party ,talent show you name it we were there.They even did a story on us in the year book."could the next rap stars come from Dobson High"...too fuuny.I mean these were during the days of Whodini,L.L.cool J & Boogie Down Productions.These days were good memories.Some of the old crew are some of my best friends til this day.The big homie Check-Book,Azwuan Hamilton(r.i.p.)Knowledge,Doze,TDK,Skurry,Nixon,Chilly da Kid,La Chey(Supa Sneak),Groonis,lil'peanut aka Braindead.. These were the days when half of the homies worked with me at KFC.Yea we would show up to the house parties wit' buckets of chicken ,biscuits,gravy and corn!...like"we here niggaz!","where the drinks at!" So a toast to the days when we jus loved to have fun, make memories and let the music follow us....