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My official blog is now through google: http://www.samharrisonlives.blogspot.co.uk/

Poorly Pretty Girlfriend Distracts Me From Blog Title

I've just realised that my last blog entry was seven monhs ago, so I figured it was time for another. I really need some PR whiz to kick my ass into writing blogs and creating an 'internet presence', but to be quite honest I find it less exciting than playing gigs and going to parties, like a rock 'n' roll musician should, so it don't happen much lol. At the moment my pretty girlfriend Sian is comatose on the couch suffering in the throws of flu, so I'm on her laptop trying to think of something constructive to do. Hence I finally sit at a keyboard and try and tell you a bit about my life & music. Things are moving forward. I'm just about to goto pressing with my first album 'Yes Hard Feelings' - its taken me months as I struggle through the world of 'CMYK' and 'vector graphics' and things that musicians probably aren't really supposed to understand. Unfortunately, my bankbalance and my perfectionism meeans I tend to have to work these things out for myself. Thats the good news. The bad news is I've been in a car crash that destroyed a lot of my equipment, including my guitar as well as my mode of transport. I bought another car which was then trashed at the first gig it took me to, with a repair bill as long as my arm. This all came at a time when I was just beginning to take my music to different cities and to the next level. Still, I'm gonna work my ass off for the next few months, try and pay off my debts and get back on the road. In the meantime I'm learning to play the drums for my next album, which will be a billion trillion times better than anything I've done before it. I hope :-D Anyhoo, soz for the dreary blog, good news is that I'm playing a gig with MTV & Sony talent scouts, so maybe I'll be dotted lined soon! loves ya x Sams

New Years Musings

'59 seconds' tells me that happiness makes you successful.

Well, Jen and I have just had pizza and we're dozing together. If this keeps up I'll be multi-platinum by summer!

No progress on the new record, too much on. ah well.

First Blog Posting

OK, so I figured I'd better start a blog, as Reverbnation will think less of me if I don't.

News is as such:

1) I have a new website: www.samharrisonmusic.com 2) I have a cold. sniff. 3) I've started a blog.

There you have it.


Sam :-D