Thom Yeoman / Blog

Boise ID

I've moved to Boise, Idaho. Working on new music and looking for places to play. I'm ranked number 7 in Americana here in Boise. Means I got 6 bands I really want to see very soon. Just recorded a new video of one of the new songs, "These Boots Are Made For Walkin' ". Will put more up as I record them.

Playing Page, America this year

I have moved home to Page, Arizona and am playing regular shows at The Bowl and State 48 every week. I havent had internet for 4 months so this might be old news to some people in town but if I havent seen yet come see me, I am home for good.

Looking for shows in Carlsbad, NM

Just rolled into Carlsbad, NM. Looking to play bars, Restaurants, Weddings, Parties, House concerts. Also run Karaoke and DJ, but prefer to sing and play guitar

House Concerts

Currently looking to do house concerts in and around El Dorado Springs, Missouri. I like the intimate setting and think there is no better way to express the passion in the music.

"Live" From The RV

I'm not touring right now. Staying in Page, AZ while I do some work to the RV. But I have started this new thing I'm calling "Live" From The RV. I'm going to film myself doing acoustic versions of songs I love and do it in or next to the RV, solo or with musicians I know or meet. I will put the video's here and on my youtube channel. I'm about to record one soon with a friend who is a great bass player, its a song Johnny Cash did that we both know. So stay tuned for that my friends

Playing all over

Takin the Americana road show all over the place. California, Nevada Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. If ya havent seen me play yet,and you live in one of those states, chances are you can see me soon. I have a bunch of stuff lined up in all those places I just mentioned. Hope to see ya soon!

booking everywhere

Im back from Texas and living in Reno again. Im booking everything, anywhere and everywhere. I want to play everyday of the week, maybe not Sunday. If its Northern Nevada, Northern California, I want to play there. If you are in a band and need an opening act, get a hold of me. If you are a venue, get a hold of me. Thanks, Thom