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Tv show house band!

A local slam poetry group "Kinetic Affect," is doing a show. This personality type deal, "Kinetic Affect Live ,"

strives to be a cross between the Dave Chappelle and the Conan O'Brien shows. The producer, John Troxtel, who has done work for such shows as "Slamball" (2002,) Grid Iron (2004,) MTV Video

Music Awards (2004) and Lil Jon: Crunkwar Part 1 (2005,) came to Geno Hinton with the task of putting a house band together for the show. Geno thought it a great

opportunity for Funk 211. We all agreed. John came out to hear the band and really liked what he heard. Funk 211

will be providing original music for the theme, breaks and possibly backing up guest artists. We'll start recording

our first thirteen shows in June. Though not confirmed, I'm thinking the shows will air late fall/early wenter.

You will be able to see the shows on Kalamazoo and Grandrapids cable access channels. This could be a spring board

for other opportunitys for us as a band and as individuals. Here's to hoping this all works out. If nothing else,

I will have experienced being apart of the house band for a tv show. :-)