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The Tale of Owen Coffin

The lyrics were written by Jason Klinge the banjo player from the Gobshytes. This is really a morbid tale but a true story about the Whale Ship 'The Essex' which was rammed by a bull whale in the middle of the Pacific Ocean back around 1820 or so. The twist to the story The Captain's nephew Owen Coffin, a cabin boy on the voyage later gave his life to save his fellow lifeboat mates. With only four men left in the lifeboat after 2 months at sea, they drew straws, Owen lost and he was slain and eaten by his mates. The remaining three lived to tell the tale.

Beer Sweat and Cigarretes

This song is about a gig I once played with The Gobshytes in Fullerton CA on Commonwealth Avenue. We opened for 'The Youth League' I noticed that the lead singer was being interviewed out in front of the venue before the show. The character in the song goes up and has a smoke outside with the fictitious fiddler and he discusses the things that were actually important to me that night.

Where Did the Money Go

This song is about a man who has a dream. He dreams he is one of the 1% of the 1% that actually has a hand in influencing the political process. This fellow only plays the game if he can somehow stack the deck, after all there's a lot of money at stake. He's a banker, so he has to create a means to do business that any true blue blooded elite would do.Purchase influence in the central government.

Well this man in the dream will perhaps go the way of the dinosaur. One day the idea of being a corrupt banker will be intolerable to our own conscience. How will this happen? Simply put... Harmony. It can actually be achieved sooner than we might think.

Keep your head up!

I just posted a new song that I wrote yesterday. It's called 'Keep Your Head Up'. I'd like to use this blog to help anyone who listens to these songs understand what the composer's intent was in writing the song. So here goes. For the past few years I have been reading several books by authors who were in the new thought movement back in the turn of the 20th century. There are a lot of different slants, and I don't want to promote any of them here but if you boil them down, they seem to say to me that the first cause of any circumstance is thought, either yours or someone else's. Recently, I lost my day job and I got to tell you it has caused quite a lot of discomfort for me and my family. Should I sit here crying and worry? No. What I should do is keep my head up, show faith in the universe and set out to seeing through the difficult part and set in mind a vision of what it will be like when things have gotten much better. Even getting there I'm sure I will have to do some things I didn't expect to do, and often times these things along the way can be actually fun and interesting if I take a good attitude. Hens the song 'Keep Your Head Up.

Reverbnation's pretty cool!

This is my first entry. I'd just like to say thanks in advance to anyone who wants to join in on my little lemonade stand.