Reverb Nation told me to do this

So I'm writing this blog because ReverbNation said I should.lol. I'm in the back of the van in WalMart parking lot, somewhere in Michigan...its about 1a.m. We're playing at Hot Topics in our region. Working on a new facebook layout. So hopefully it'll take off...because myspace sucks. On this tour we've been volunteering with some non-profits and its been really rewarding. Yesterday we helped an organization that supplies underprivileged kids with school supplies, today we painted benches for a homeless shelter, and tomorrow we are singing in a nursing home. The whole experience has been so rewarding! If I could encourage you to do anything, I'd say to serve others. It brings true joy.


Strange Reflection
Strange Reflection  (over 7 years ago)

Dan, you guys are awesome... we sort of are trying to do some little things too, but nothing like what you are doing out there... Cant wait to see you guys again soon!!!!