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Feb 4, 2011

Greetings, Filthy Family!

It's been a busy couple months for The McNastys! We've been playing shows, writing tunes and recording tracks for the NEW album! We also had a chance to play for a great cause at the Dan Sharp Cancer benefit at Dub Land Underground. A lot of talent was lent to the night and a lot of money was raised for the Sharp family. We were honored to be a part of the bill and we wish to thank the Sharp family for having us.

Next up is Ryan and Jackson's Birthday Bash at Montage Music Hall in Rochester, NY. We've made something of a tradition of playing our big shows at Montage. It's a venue near and dear to our hearts and it's always a pleasure to get back in there and rock the stage where we've played so many important shows. Randy, Toni and Ozzy have always been good friends and we can't wait to see our favorite bar staff next Saturday. Joining us will be our good friends, The Furies and Matt Dalberth! The Furies ROCK and Matt's comedy is HIGH-Larious, so we're sure the night will be full of good times; But if that wasn't enough we're also psyched to be joined by Jellyroot! These guys are awesome and we can't wait to work with them!

There is a tour in the works, so stay tuned for updates as we make out way down the East Coast and deliver Filth to the masses.

Thanks for checking in with us! We hope to see all of you at the Montage on Feb 12th!

Stay Filthy, my friends...

The Filthy McNastys

Jan 12, 2011

Welcome to 2011, Filthy Friends!

There's been a lot goin on at McNasty Camp lately and we'll do our best to get you up to speed.

First off, we're recording new tracks at Kaotic Records that are sounding GREAT! There's a little bit of magic happenin in there already and we're pumped for you guys to hear the new McNasty madness that we're crafting especially for you.

Second, we're currently gearing up for a set of shows in which we will try some new things, debut some new material and unleash the New McNasty Sound. The build-up shows include an afternoon party set at Shorts Bar, Fairport on Jan 22nd and a Cancer benefit at Dub Land Underground on Jan 29th. (Check main page for links and details) Then it's back into the studio until the raging bash that is #3...

#3 is Ryan and Jackson's B-Day Bash at Montage Music Hall!!! This is where the Filth will hit the Fan. Our new style, or new sound, our new threads and our new fans will all combine for a night that won't soon be forgotten. We'll be kicking out all the new jams and pullin out all the stops for this show so do't miss it!

As always, please check back in often to keep up with the happenins surrounding the band and tell your friends that they don't need to be brave to come to a McNasty show with you, they just have to be real and ready to have a damn good time! Welcome to 2011 Filthy Friends! We'll see you at the SHOW!

The Filthy McNastys