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Dream Weavers Review

"Dream Weavers" Review: Canadian sax player, Michael Massaro has the rare knack of presenting a tune that is instantly appealing. A seasoned performer with a style that is both relaxing and compelling, Dream Weavers is laid back and yet energetic with its interplay between the instruments. The 25 second introduction, consisting of guitars, percussion, electric and acoustic pianos set the tone of what’s to come. The strong Gato Barbieri-style melody is at times majestic. Delicate electric piano phrases present an appealing distraction from the theme. The string arrangement is subtle, yet enhances the piece. About half way through this smooth arrangement is a nice guitar cameo. The bass and percussion form a reliable platform for this catchy tune. Right at the end like a fisherman with a salmon at the end of his line, Michael Massaro reels you in with some spectacular sax runs. Dream Weavers has been featured on my programme on many occasion. John Holden. 2BACR FM100.9 http://www.Itunes.com/michaelmassaro