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Thank You 2013!!

Hello friends!! This year has been a great year for Wise100Doors Music!! So many challenges and bumps along the way. Even tho I failed quiet a bit, but I also accomplished a lot. Overall it has been a very positive year. God is "GREAT"! HE has guided and protected me thru out my life's journey. I'm also thankful and grateful for my family, loved ones and amazing friends! I want to thank each and everyone for your love and continued support. We've come so far together, and You have made me whom I am today. I hope Iv'e made a positive change in your life thru my music and will continue to do so. Thank You for sharing my music with your family and friends all over the world. It has been an amazing ride and a humbling experience. It is only gonna get better from here on!! Wishing You all Happy Holidays and a positive New Year! NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!! I love You all!! :))) Phil 4:13 ...

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"Welcome To Hermosa" On Sale now!

Purchase a copy of my new single "Welcome To Hermosa" now!! Go to my music page and check out my music store. Thanks for supporting my music :)

"Welcome To Hermosa" Single coming out soon!!

Stay tuned fans!!! Got a new single coming out real soon!!!

Sweetwater Grill - Steamboat, CO

Had a great time playing at Sweetwater Grill last night. People were amazing and good vibes all night long.

If you get chance to go to Steamboat, CO check out Bear River and Sweetwater Grill.

They always have great live music.

Bear River Bar & Grill - Steamboat, CO

I had a blast playing there last night! I love it here and I love the appreciation of music this town have.

It's always a great time playing here at Steamboat and I'm sure this is just the beginning of another musical journey for me.

I love Steamboat Springs, CO!!

Bob Marley - Cover Fridays

Last Friday, Bob Marley's Facebook fan page chose my cover of ‘Waiting In Vain’ for the featured weekly cover.

It received over 20,000 ‘Likes’ 1,000 comments, and nearly 40,000 views. I want to thank my friends, family, and fans for your love and support.

I am truly blessed to have you all in my life, and special thanks to Bob Marley the legend and his people for the recognition. Thank you!

Steamboat Springs, CO - NYE

Steamboat Springs — In Wise Katubadrau’s native language of Fijian, his last name means “100 doors.” Katubadrau, who now is based out of Los Angeles, where he gigs six nights per week, will make his first trip to Steamboat to perform this weekend as a one-man band.

He plays Saturday night at the Bear River Bar & Grill at the base of the Steamboat Ski Area for the restaurant’s New Year’s Eve comedy show. He also plays there during the day Sunday, when Yvad from the Wailers will join him.

On Monday, he plays a free show at 5:30 p.m. at Sweetwater Grill. Katubadrau ends up in Steamboat this weekend because of rugby. The sport — a national pastime and a near-religion in Fiji — was always an integral part of his life.

He was recruited to L.A. by the Rugby Club, where he met fellow “rugger” Julian Bristow. Bristow recently moved to Steamboat and works at the Bear River Bar & Grill.

In Fiji, Katubadrau grew up by the beach, where not only reggae but also country music were major influences on his upbringing. In Vermont, he began to play a few open mic nights, and he laughed as he recalled being fired from his first paying gig at Mount Ascutney.

But after that first disastrous show, he picked up an acoustic guitar, began playing drums with his feet and singing pop, country and reggae covers from that place in his heart where music never left.

“I like to perform now. I love it, but I get stage fright, man. Like, I’m coming out to Steamboat, and I really don’t know what type of crowd it is,” he said. “But I love ski towns. It’s always fun.

People, they come up there and they want to have a good time.”

To reach Nicole Inglis, call 970-871-4204 or email

"This is an abridged version" .

New Music Video

Getting ready to release a new music video!! Stay tuned!