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Welcome to Idlewood

Finally finished mixing the first single, "Idlewood". Spent much time there over the past 3 months. Glad to share but happy to not go back for now. Full length record to follow.

Mountain Escape

Just returning from The Mountains in Sapphire Valley. Spent a week trying to recharge. Cell reception sucked but it'll do a body good to focus more on the smell of the air and less on the "number of bars". Finished two new songs that fit the mood of the week. Still not the one Shank is dying for, but it should keep him preoccupied for a bit. New shows around the corner....Can't wait.


On a slew of new songs, recording demos, deconstructing, rebuilding and twisting chord changes into shape.


Things are cool....take a deep breath. SP is gearing up for some changes soon and we'll make you aware as things roll in. For now, keep checking this site for new upcoming shows.

Two days an counting!!

Less than 48 hours marks the release of the new record. What a short strange trip its been...psyched!

Almost Done!!!

Been mixing till my ears bleed with producer Mitch Webb in the Studio. The album sounds so good it's hard to believe. We've decided to self title it, sort of a kickback to some of our favorite influences. Album is due out April 30 with our album release party at Home Team BBQ on Sulllivans Island April 30 and West Ashley May 1.