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Crowd Review Result!!

I have obtained a crowd review from reverbnation and this is the best thing I've done to date!! The crowd review was for the song 'Sea of Blood'. The score was low 4.5 out of 10!! So what do I do? I take the positives out of it!! I know what I have to do to improve this song which is great!! It's a home recording and the levels were incorrect!! I am going to re-record the track and make the levels better including the vocals!! I have read the good and bad parts of the review and will draw on what has been said to make this a better song!! The review has inspired me to do much better!! When you get hammered you can go two ways!! My normal way is to give up!! No, not this time!! It's inspired me to do better and up my game!! This is a kick up the ass for me to better!!

Thank you everyone!!

We made Number one on the London Metal charts today so thank you to everyone for your support!!